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learn all you can about Alito!

Started by gkg, November 14, 2005, 08:17:47 pm

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and talk to your elected officials about your position on his nomination for the Supreme Court!  excerpt from Yahoo! today...

"For pro-choice extremists and other liberal activists to say that this legal statement by Judge Alito in 1985 somehow disqualifies him from serving as a Supreme Court justice is absurd," said Wendy Long, lawyer for the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network. "Justice (Ruth Bader) Ginsburg and Justice (Stephen) Breyer had taken clear public positions to the contrary, and no one argued that those positions should be held against them."

In the document, Alito also declared himself a "lifelong registered" Republican and a Federalist Society member, and said he had donated money to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Conservative Political Action Committee and several GOP candidates.

When he wrote this document, he was working as an assistant to the solicitor general, where he stayed from 1981 to 1987. Although he sought the job of deputy assistant attorney general in 1985, he did not win that job until 1987.

"I am and always have been a conservative and an adherent to the same philosophical views that I believe are central to this administration," Alito said.

Alito wrote that he believed "very strongly in limited government, federalism, free enterprise, the supremacy of the elected branches of government, the need for a strong defense and effective law enforcement and the legitimacy of a government role in protecting traditional values."

In the document, Alito said he drew inspiration from the "writings of William F. Buckley, Jr., The National Review and Barry Goldwater\'s 1964 campaign."

"In college, I developed a deep interest in constitutional law, motivated in large part by disagreement with Warren Court decisions, particularly in the areas of criminal procedure, the Establishment Clause and reapportionment," he said.

it is true that people may not have voiced issues with Ginsberg et al having stated views before nomination - it is not that he has stated views, it is the views he has stated that go against what people know to be right.  look up the Federalist Society... read the Warren Court decisions on criminal procedure, etc. - see what the man is against as well as what he is for.

between Alito and the new Chief Justice, Roberts, we\'re talking about some people who will spend DECADES making decisions that impact not only our lives, but the lives of our children and grandchildren.

please.  learn about this man.  help stop the conservative pendulum from decapitating justice.

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