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War after war, whether is new one?

Started by Oleg281, July 07, 2005, 05:08:26 pm

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Main principles of English democratic colonization which invaders of Iraq follow by, Hitler  sounded 64 years ago.
" We shall declare, that we are compelled to occupy, operate and pacify, that it is done for the sake of the population; that we provide order, communications, feed. We should represent ourselves as liberators. Nobody should guess, that we prepare the final order, but it will not prevent us to take to necessary measures - to send from the country, to shoot - and these measures we shall accept. We shall operate as if we here only temporarily ".
After S.Husejn disarmed the country, and democratic colonialists occupied Iraq, Iraq insurgents use the remained means of conducting emancipating war - terror for emancipating the country.
Democratic colonization goes to a counterbalance to own development of the countries of Asia.
Using natural aspiration of people to an establishment of a free society,
and backwardness of system of the state and local management, before occupation, democratic colonialists aggravate contradictions arising on this way, collide a society together to irreconcilable opposition.



Similarities are not present, except for:

1. In opinion of London in Sudetes in 1938 human rights were broken,
and Czechoslovakia threatened the peace in the Europe.
In opinion of London in Iraq in 2003  human rights were broken,
and Iraq threatened safety in the world.
2. London lobbied occupation of Sudetes in 1938 and Iraq in 2003.
3. Military force in these operations is assigned to the most armed countries
during corresponding times.
4. Sudetes and Iraq had become the important strategic and raw resource.
5. London shifts the responsibility for occupation on the countries-allies.
Attitudes before the allied countries change.
The policy becomes internal matter.

As well as 64 years ago a priority policy of London is a struggle for
human rights in the East.

Does similarity comes to an end on this?


With strengthening a role of England in Asia and colonization of Iraq, the question about restoration the status of democratic Hong Kong and an aggravation of contradictions between London and Pekin rises. China a developing socialist country having complex times of perfection of a control system. England - country with aspiration of restoration of colonialism in the form of democratic and military-political in APR. The greatest danger is represented with idea of profascist disinformation by London and presence of nuclear weapon in London.


In the USA people supported ideas of Freedom during formation of a state system. With coming to international scene the government of the USA has changed idea of Freedom under influence of London to the doctrine of Democracy. Democracy has become the system of the modern control over the person in the hands of colonialists. In international relations it is a form of colonialism.
Civil emancipating war in Iraq becomes regional movement of people and the governments for Freedom from Democratic colonization.


Emancipating movement of provinces against England is connected with colonial
form of board in Mother country.
The English democracy which arisen in 13 century as the form of colonial board
served interests of barons and peers, in modern England - to the same noblemen.
Provinces are practically as dominions and protectorates. Struggle of English
provinces is conducted for free participation in government against
limited democracy.
Development of English democratic colonization threatens also to safety
of the world. The state with the out-of-date form of board where the lie can
become the reason of war should not have the nuclear weapon.


Asia has appeared not ready to oppose lie and hypocrisy,
therefore democracy in Asia is shown in the worst form,
as imposing of colonial standards, suppression of freedom,
destruction of culture and morals.
Anticolonial war in Iraq is directed to restoration
of statehood, free development of a society.


O.K. Being that this is a discussion Form, I think if this ever was a discussion it\'s moved well passed that now. I think all points have been aptly made and we are now into blog area or worse.  Let save bandwidth for actual discussion. Time to give this a rest.