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Anyone else annoyed?

Started by Bucketdog, September 23, 2010, 05:39:36 pm

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I won\'t say any names... But there is a certain artist lurking around here that severly copied buckethead... I\'m not saying this individual is not talented nor am I jealous--I own my own business and make well over 100k a year--. But I think it\'s good to see Big-B inspire people. But when they emulate him in 70% of their style, it is very annoying IMHO.... Thoughts anyone?
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Excellent idea for a thread! Seriously!

The thoughts I have about this are rather vague at best. I suppose that\'s because even I don\'t know what I truly believe.

When I\'m listening to music and a certain part of it reminds me of another artist, I figure it\'s just a coincidence because there\'s only so much music that can be made without eventually sounding like someone else.

If an artist\'s material generally sounds like another artist, I don\'t really mind. Perhaps they just really like that sound and feel that\'s what the genre is all about.

If you look hard enough, I\'m sure you can find an example of a copy cat artist for just about every artist out there. It\'s really impossible to avoid seeing as there are so many music artists. If an artist is so influential as to spawn a bunch of "wannabe" artists, I say that\'s great. At least they\'re improving music by creating a new avenue for it.

If you think about it, if groups like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore, and Blue Cheer never existed, there may not even be such a thing as "hard rock" or "heavy metal." If it weren\'t for copy cats existing, there wouldn\'t be such a large amount of that type of music. The more artists I have to choose from that make the type of music I love to listen to, the more I benefit from the "copy cat" situation.


September 23, 2010, 10:31:10 pm #2 Last Edit: September 23, 2010, 10:41:56 pm by Anna
Oh my!
i thought it was about paintings/graphic art )


September 23, 2010, 10:41:17 pm #3 Last Edit: September 24, 2010, 01:39:05 am by Bucketdog
Fantastic retort, chickentrain, well said! Yes, with out some element of "copy cating" some of our favorite artists would not be who they are today. Look at Paul Gilbert\'s influence and teaching effect on buckethead... However, buckethead doesn\'t dress or act like Paul. Buckethead\'s persona is original with a hint of M. Jackson, leatherface, a mime, and a few other elements...

Regarding my topic, the person I\'m speaking about(I will not name out of respect) is undeniably trying to be a bucketed clone, to-an-extent. It\'s nice to some degree to hear buckethead\'s influence. But when someone trys to straight out replicate what buckethead does, it\'s rather annoying... Let buckethead be buckethead and you be yourself... I\'m not trying to "flame" anyone or put anyone down. I\'m want to see people embrace originality!!!! That\'s what makes an artist special, IMO.
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I think i know who you\'re on about.
There\'s actually a fair few of them.
I would\'nt exactly say im annoyed, but i definitely see a bit of a problem with it. There\'s no element of originality. I mean fair play if you want to spend the time learning some signature licks and what not, but to be cloning someone or something thats already been done is pointless.

No hard feelings to those who we\'re on about, you\'re VERY talented people!


Oh. I didn\'t know someone is actually stealing Buckethead\'s persona. I thought you were implying someone just plays music that sounds similar to his. I guess I\'m unaware of the person you\'re referring to. That\'s fine. My statements still stand. ;)


I hear what youre saying.
I fucking hated Gallagher II   :P


September 25, 2010, 12:26:37 am #7 Last Edit: September 25, 2010, 12:27:22 am by Bucketdog
QuoteI hear what youre saying.
I fucking hated Gallagher II   :P

You\'re sick!! Hahaha!!
Joe!!!! Could you fix me a ham and cheese sandwich?!!! Joe!!!! I want some butter for my chips!!!! Joe!!!!

Chris DiCicco

sorry, its a fine line... I stopped trying too be like the Bucketheaded one, oh before I got him tattooed on Me.

not me.
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You\'re sick!! Hahaha!!

Guilty as charged.


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I personally think it is easier to steal people\'s art than it is to actually create yourself as an artist.  BH is so influential, because he has created himself.  For someone to go out and try to be this person to me is lazy.  I don\'t mean to put people down, but I think you should take what you like from an artist and try to apply it to yourself as an artist.  Buying a mask, learning paul gilbert and BH licks does not make you BH.  Stealing his tone does you no good as well, because you still are not BH.  I get very annoyed with this from many perspectives, not just BH, but by movies, art, and performance. I believe that if you were to listen carefully, or watch carefully, and try and use that to find who your artist is, then you are more understanding the point of art.  Unless your goal is to be a cover band, then go nuts.  But it\'s like how many people try to sound and look like Jimmy Page, or Hendrix?  To me it\'s cheesy, but you take these people who have used this sound and look to influence and help them grow and you find the real masters, like BH, NoMeansNo, Primus.  True artists in my book.  I love all these guys, but if you listen to my music, it most likely sounds like none of them, I hope not to, as I want my music to be expressed from within.  Sorry for the rant!!
Let\'s get BH back out on the road now!! ;D
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November 02, 2010, 02:14:11 am #12 Last Edit: November 02, 2010, 02:33:50 am by Wizard_beard
I used to be annoyed as hell , but in all reality does anyone really think someone can totally rip off BH and make actual money from it? I mean the people who are doing this are most likely kids that live at home with mommy. They will grow up someday and say what the hell was i thinking!!
The problem i have is (wont name names) a certain guitar teacher who doesn\'t tell his student(s) that Buckethead is the only Buckethead BE your DAMN SELF. :-/

I\'m guilty of using a few BH,Rhodes ,Gilbert.. licks, but to go out and get a BH mask and put a red stripe on it, talk , act and dress like him ....really!?  haha! funny stuff.

This site has about 2-3 kids that really think they can get away with it and it cracks me up to think that anyone over 14 would ever buy a cd from them. I mean when i was a kid i thought i was a Ninja ...was i ?... NOPE.  so hopefully they will grow up soon ,because no one in their right mind would jam with them and that\'s the only way you really get good at playing the guitar.

and for the record i have heard the identity crisis kids music... lets just say we have nothing to worry about  very amateur playing at best.

I hope he doesnt use the title "Identity Crisis" for his next cd :(


Ok so maybe I\'m the clueless one here, someone has got to pm me a link to this so I can hear some of it.  Sounds absurd, I gotta know how lame it really is...
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I am highly influenced by Buckethead but none of my writing really sounds like Buckethead.  

At first I thought that John 5 was a total rip off of Buckethead with all of his weirdness, chicken scratching guitar, metal riffs, and his shred abilities.  Now I can hear John 5\'s distinct style; its more of a go fast and be complicated where Buckethead takes the simple and adds emotion.  

I feel sorry for a lot of you really talented guitar players because it seems to me that the more talented you are the more you sound like someone else.  Maybe its the training by emulating someone else or the high envolvement of theory.  I dont know the reason.  I do know that alot of my friends that can shred like any of the top players have the same thing in common, and that is they cannot write music very well.  Its weird but its a truth.  I have said a million times that I wish I had the ability to shred but I want to keep the ability to write original music.

Kind of off subject... but that is my experience living in a small town with extremely talleneted guitarists.

I have not heard the music from this Bucketbot you speak of so I cannot make a comment on his music.
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