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Picture uploading to tdrs forum

Started by Bucketdog, September 13, 2010, 12:46:55 pm

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I have only PNG formatted pics and cannot upload them to my profile here. I have a awesome picture of my little princess(my pitbull) wearing a bucket on her head and cannot get it on here for the life of me. Little help please?
Joe!!!! Could you fix me a ham and cheese sandwich?!!! Joe!!!! I want some butter for my chips!!!! Joe!!!!


Open up Microsoft Paint by going Start | Programs | Accessories | Paint. Open the picture by going File | Open... and select the file and click Open. Do a File | Save As... and choose .JPEG for the file format and click Save. Open the .JPG file when you open your avatar. It could also be the possibility that the file is too large in dimensions or too large memory-wise that\'s preventing you.