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Greatest Guitarists - Give me your list!

Started by Welcome to Rossington Land, May 01, 2007, 11:46:29 pm

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Welcome to Rossington Land

Here is my list thus far of the greatest guitarists of all time (in order):

1. Buckethead
2. Eric Clapton
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Paul Gilbert
5. Joe Satriani
6. Randy Rhoads

This is mostly based on what I personally like to listen to, but I also tried to factor in technical skill, soloing, song-writing, speed, riffs, influence, etc.

Obviously everyone will have different lists, but we can all agree on one thing - anything tops the Rolling Stone list!
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haha, the rolling stones list is horrible! I don\'t know what they were thinking... cmon... kurt cobain is #7 and niether Paul nor Buckethead is even on that list? Theres just no logic to that.


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Sort of in order

2. Frank Zappa
3. John McLaughlin
4. Steve Vai
5. Tommy Bolin
6.  Jimi
7.  Bill Harkleroad - some would argue about this last entry
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July 20, 2007, 05:22:28 pm #4 Last Edit: July 20, 2007, 05:23:46 pm by GiantRobot24
there are probably other great guitarists that I don\'t know but heres a list of the ones I listen to, kind of in order, but not really

1. obviously Buckethead
2. Jimmy Page
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Matt Bachand and Jon Donais(Shadows Fall)
5. Tony Iommi
6. Joe Satriani
7. Steve Vai
8. Gary Hoey
9. Eddie Van Halen


August 08, 2007, 11:10:46 pm #5 Last Edit: August 08, 2007, 11:14:33 pm by stroke_my_chicken
1. Buckethead
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Jimmy Page
4. Slash
5.Tommi Iommi


5.Me (lol) ;D


This page contains a disturbingly low quantity of Shawn Lane. Please do your best to remedy this.
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QuoteSort of in order

2. Frank Zappa
3. John McLaughlin
4. Steve Vai
5. Tommy Bolin
6.  Jimi
7.  Bill Harkleroad - some would argue about this last entry

I would only argue that Bill Harkleroad be higher on your list  :P     Have you heard his one solo album ? Very nice indeed.


My personal favorites....
 Frank Zappa
 Jimi Hendrix
 Bill Harkleroad
 Jimmy Page
 Buzz Osborne
 Mike Keneally
 Jerry Garcia ( 1968/69 ! )
  I think I\'ll quit here  ::)


Everyone listed is GREAT but how was Stevie Ray Vaughan not listed yet?


December 29, 2007, 06:38:11 pm #11 Last Edit: January 28, 2008, 03:35:06 pm by Lefty
I don\'t know about greatest, but my top 3 favorites are
Jimi Hendrix
Marc Ribot
and my honorable mentions are
Larry Lalonde
Dean Ween
Neil Young
Jimmy Page
Ry Cooder
King Buzz
and my favorite blues guitarists are
Buddy Guy
John Hurt
John Hammond
Robert Johnson
Erect Intestines


hi here is my top 7 list

Shawn Lane
Mathias I A Eckhlund
Steve Vai
John Petrucci
The Great Kat

 ;D ;D ;D


January 11, 2008, 11:23:13 pm #13 Last Edit: January 12, 2008, 03:28:43 am by phartacus
paul stanley for the win!!!