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Epidemic in Europe

Started by whitewolf, December 14, 2007, 02:06:34 am

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Calling all cars, calling all cars

Intercontinental travel packed a powerful punch on the Republic of Italy, people are dying in Italy because of a epidemic called lepracy. It\'s not that you should tell everyone to avoid Italy, just dont travel at all. Stay in your country and have good healthcare. There is a hazardous epidemic in Europe which came from Pakistan & India, this epidemic spread to countries such as Bulgaria & Italy.

Its\' really sad.

This is a sickness which infects the muscles or the bones or the nervous system or the lymphs or the skin or all at once, if you see anyone with a strange face, eyes, feet, legs or ears then you should know it\'s an epidemic.

Here are some medicines that can be used even if you are healthy:

#1 - Self Healing (Relaxing Chacras, Tai chi, Chi Gong)
#2 - Homeopathy (Echinecea, Salvia, Silica, Urticalcin)
#3 - Skin Care (Herbal Milk, Citrus Oil, feet desinfect)
#3 - Green Tea
#4 - Ging Seng
#5 - Alcohol
#6 - Lots of shampoo
#7 - Lots of showering gell
#8 - Wash the body over and over and over again
#9 - Footbaths with Hygienic "Salt"

What we need for a healthier life:

#1 - Clean Air
#2 - Clean Streets
#3 - Clean Water

It\'s really sad what\'s happening in Italy.
* Just be more friendly towards eachother *