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Horse is man\'s best friend

Started by whitewolf, November 06, 2007, 07:25:47 pm

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November 06, 2007, 07:25:47 pm Last Edit: November 06, 2007, 08:00:14 pm by whitewolf
It\'s morally-correct to compare Humans to Horses.

Man can be compared to a Stallion and a Woman can be compared to a Mare, because we are from the Centaurus Constellation.

The Horse is man\'s best friend.

We are Centauri-Apollonians, 50% of our instinct is Centauri while the other 50% of our instinct is Apollonian.

That\'s what the problem is about mankind.

We should not only have the freedom of a Horse, but also the Morality of Man. Otherwise we become uncivilized and our Dominion will be short lived, the Circle of Retribution will make the Centaurus more civilized.

The Centaurus needs to accept Justice & Morality.
* Just be more friendly towards eachother *


Sorry if I offend your religion or something, but what are you on?


Sounds like they\'re just ranting, but... I wouldn\'t say it is morally correct to compare yourself to a horse. I mean,...A horse is of course a horse, of course....or so that\'s what they say.

Surely humans can act like animals. Instinct kicks in. At times, we may even want to go in for the "kill", so to speak, depending on the circumstance. But I do believe that all of these kind of actions form from greed itself, not from being half of any kind of animal. We as humans should know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. This day and age, that is not the case.

The problem with mankind is that there is no balance in our lives. We are either up or down on any kind of morals that we may have.  People in general are not brought up right at all, and without some kind of solid foundation, you will never know what it means to have correct morals. After all, what is considered irrational to one person may be considered entirely reasonable to another person. For the most part, this would be the time where the greed factor kicks in. With all of these "ME FIRST" attitudes lurking around throughout each and every one of us, it\'s really hard to tell who is actually withstanding their morals and who is not. I find it strange to compare yourself to a horse, but it doesn\'t surprise me either. People don\'t know what else to turn to anymore.  Really now, the bottom line is that everyone is turning crazy. They\'re all out to fend for themselves. Morals could basically be considered extinct [and if you want to talk animals, you could compare this sentence to the dinosaurs], and ultimetly, this will be the death of us all.