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I am taking a Class

Started by Chris DiCicco, January 20, 2006, 09:15:07 am

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Chris DiCicco

I am taking a class at the EC (experimental College) on campus about the Introduction to Esoterics.

First class starts later today at 7pm...


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WICKED!!!  that should be a great class, Chris.  i\'ll be very interested to hear what you think of it, esoterically or otherwise.  ;)

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Chris DiCicco

yes its near to the fact that it has been three years since I took the History of Punk Rock class from the EC, so naturaly I jumped at this coure.

as to what got Me hooked was this....

[Introduction th Esoterics]

{Have you ever known that there is something more to the world then the every day? Esoteric procedures and thinking have been used by some of the greatest minds in our time. In this Class you will be introduced to the basic esoteric principles and skills used throughout history, ancient and modern. We will explore how altered states and esoteric procedures were used to accomplish some of these great feats. this class will establish a basic understanding in the subjects of altered states, visualization, and remote viewing.}

So what I believe is this will help Me in taking on bigger and more indepth projects in the art forms of Music, Pen and Ink Drawings, and My poetry that I slave to and perhaps more as this class is a few months jan20th- mar10th 2006.

I\'ll write more later, about the Teachers Bio and just what the hek I\'ve been doing.

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Chris DiCicco

The Teacher\'s Bio
{ Michael Thuleen is an Initiated Teacher and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon. Michael is a certifed teacher of the magickal Arts for Ancestral Pathways and has achieved the level of Shaman in the Isterfen Tradition. Michael also holds the title of Master Teacher in the Usui Reiki system and has been Practicing Hypnosis and NLP for several Years.}

More later, My notes without drawings (sadly) and fragments of the excirses I\'ve already learned.

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Chris DiCicco

Notes from Intro to Esoterics Part 1
I\'m early
Feb 3rd No Class
Mar 3rd No Class

Cult Philosophey, Cult type Stuff, Majik Type Stuff.

1 System of Attainment
                                      The Explorer or Student
2 Kabahlah~ Yoga~ Buddism

Mental              Phyisical
Tools                  Loose
                                         diffrent System= turned on to                                                  
                                           remove the blocks.
Excirses, peices of the above____ (pen Dies, missing the rest)

Altered States, Rituals, Astro Travel, Remote Viewing, Energy-getic_____(missing word), control Thoughts, Converse more easier, Majikal Skills.

fist skill              Moonbreath
(missing Drawing)
plug left side nostrel                        Alternate Nostrel
Picture, air traveling over your brain into your spinel column to awaiting nerves. A cooling sensation should start?

Feel it?

IMPORTANT: Equalize both sides, no more then 10 or 15 on both sides

Excirses # 2 Prana-yana

Incress Energy and Spiritial Devolopment
                                                   5 mins a day to 10 mins then longer, if ready.

how to: IN the left Nostrel, after breath in close left nostrel OUT the right nostrel , IN the RIGHT nostrel, OUT the left  nostrel.... REPEAT. Hold breath for about a second before the switch, that second Oxgenates the blood, cleans out both things.

Dictonary of Symbols
Author name starts with a C?

End of First class.

I was sort of Late for second time,They\'ve moved the class.

The other Chris is replaced by Tina, we had home work sort of.... last week Altered States this wekk Ritual\'s, Pychic Thoughts, you might see something, as in Gypsy\'s and fortune teller.
If you focus on a Idea and do this day in day out. ( review of Last week)

Cermony: Mass Catholic, weddings, Inageration of Pres. Pray to God
Day to Day Ritual\'s, your activity regarding that day the next  on and on ect ect ect.
Medicine Men: Heal ritual, looking for something and bam there it is. Homoepathic Medicine, acts like a lense and focuses energy.
Pysical & Mental to get that one goal Subconscience Mind to get it.
Dancing to get the thing, if you do it, it will work.
(drawing missing picture)
Ida Pingula
Music hits the brain, in all diffrent ways, Mozart, is one, very popular and other too.
((Automatic Responsiveness.))
To get things, you need this energy, if you read and think about it every night. Meditate on this...
Edison & Einstien, would get Idea\'s under the sleep at 3pm, others would think them looney, but this is way they work.
An Engadged Idea Circle. (missing graphic)

End Part 1

The Exosphere  2013

Chris DiCicco

Intro to Esoterics Part 2

I\'m Late... Teachers Late... room switch agien....agien...

Manifestion: the Project, do a project really good untill everything goes to crap. Universe on a Go, things fit untill a certian Point. The process, focus, and felling in front of focus is intention. Think about it to Manifest, Book to Read Think and Grow Ritch by Neopoleon Poe $8.00 to $1.00... The desire to do something, I want _______, You can believe its True, auto Suggestion, Universal Truth Tell them enough time they\'ll do it.

Experiment -> First write a statement of Intent. I\'m in my Egg. Second Say it out loude 3X a day in front of a mirror. Third Breath in count on 4... Imagin yer glass... being filled with liquid... ARE YOU FILLED? Particaption.... I Failed....... Fourth By Feburary 20th Monday 2006 Someone will come into My Life and pervide a car ride, to and from the Buckethead Concert. Imagination of a ball at yer feet, work it up by relaxing the parts of the body as it goes. failure agien  ???

notes: What I see/saw differs from what was Taught, the Teacher hinted at this being diffrent in a standpoint of his alone. I was not privy to the grand skeem of things.... but, I go back to My Yoda example, were You feel the Ship, the Monster in the Pond, the Rock, the Tree and back to Yoda... I failed this so, I now will go running off to save my friends and get my hand cut off in being so foolish for desserting my Training. In conclusion the Teacher and fellow Student said " No".... and that I write this to Myself for my own perposes.

Intro to Eso:101
I\'m early were\'r they at....
Hebrew and Egyptian Mysicisism.
(missing drawing) Symbols
A Doorway to a Concept. A Symbol of a Universe is a speck of the Universal Symbol. (missing drawing1) and ( missing drawing2) 22 letters (symbols) in Hebrew. by understanding all You  can master all and become the Master of the Universe.
Runes ( missing graphic, Chris to Runes Trans, not correct spelling or prono.) udos, fao, ther, (( Alfabets)) Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Ena\'hian, Tarot, Coptic, Runes.
(missing picture) Star of David, nothing to do with David, wondering what to do with the Mastery of the force and $.
(Missing ALL Picture Graphics) Di Vinci, Indians, Tree of Life 1, 2 and ?!?.... missing explano...

I am late for Class, hand outs.... Jewish Alephbet, whats you focus on is whats you get! Patience, Unbound, Books Gardens of Pomagranits ( missing Authors name ) , Practical Guide to the Kabahlah, Garry Knight. Tree of Life (missing picture) (( explaining the orbs on tree very forbidden)) 1 Earth 2 Astro Travel 3 Energy of Mind 4 Energy of Emoition 5 Christ Concsiose 6 Strength 7 Mercy 8 Globel Order 9 Wisdom 10 God.... Feel the color of the room, Remember a Happy Time (childhood or now), put it in an Envolope and see what happens, Now what color is the room? The Mastery of the In an Out. Explore who You are.... Tree of Life Levels: from the other page 1 Self, Mastering Melkoo, centered in balance change your way. 2 (missing explano) 3 Other Stuff, meditate on the Jewish Alephbeth. Meditate for 3 days 5 hours and Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Vav, and so on so forth If you You get tired stop Emediatlly.

End Notes, Sorry for the Missing Pictures, Bad Spelling, fragmented note taking, Uncomplete Thoughts, Missing info, Missing Graphics, Long Posts.

My last class is March 10th 2006, I don\'t plan to take notes then.

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Dictionary of Symbols, by J. C. CIRLOT?


Dictionary of Symbols, by Carl G. Liungman?

sounds like you\'re resisting something or he\'s not presenting very well - you sound frustrated and disappointed - i\'m really sorry to hear that.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved

Chris DiCicco

February 27, 2006, 11:13:34 pm #7 Last Edit: February 27, 2006, 11:15:11 pm by Chris
Nah!  just that one week was a real downer... I\'ll spare you the details but the Teacher has been really good to bounce idea\'s off of and get some insight into what was what or the how and the when.

I wrote these posts real late at night so relooking at them I could have done better, now as the class is ending I know what I must do in prep for Artwork and Music, poetry too.

Where It comes from? was one of My biggest questions and I feel He Helped Me answer it, I also gave The Teacher one of My CD\'s... the latest one....

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cool - glad to hear it sounded more of a downer than it was!!

sounds like actually turned out pretty well then.   :-* i\'m happy for ya!

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


Wow... what a cool subject to get credit for... I would just say that even though the class is ending, keep your study of it moving forward.  I love the concept, to paraphrase, "you are what you focus on".
   I am new here and not a very good guitar player (yet) but my other life acomplishments are pretty cool. I think it worked out that way because I focused on the brighter and less dark ways in this strange world.
   When I was in college Carlos Castenada was all the rage. Recently I read Graham Hancock\'s new book "Supernatural".  This guy goes some unique places with history and shamanism.  
    given the limited amount we think we use our brain, it would not surprise me if most of the real creativity was going on in places in there that we had not previously considered.  
always and forever

Chris DiCicco


No Creidt, this is Experimental College, a whole lot better then the other ones, like my last class (scofph!) three years ago Punk Rock History was, this brings me back to the lovely place, to experiment.

Yes thee other Person in the Class besides the Teacher is a Women, who likes Angels and Carlos Castenada among other things.

in the larger realm my last class :\'( is in 18 hrs later today.


The Exosphere  2013


Sorry to hear it Chris, but if it is something you are really interested in, and you keep your eyes open, you will find it coming into your life in all sorts of cool little places.
  I know I would have enjoyed taking the class....
later    ....Kelly
always and forever

Chris DiCicco

My last class was a free for All, I almost brought food and a Ukulele in but I went outside and there was the BIGGEST ANGERYEST rain cloud I have ever seen, so I left getting there to hopefully score some of the Teachers Trance Music and have a chitchat about stuff and things but He had us look at books about Western and Eastern Esoteric Ways of Everything, NO CD, NO FOOD (till I went hunting upstairs) We talked mostly about Roland Phantom ?XR\'s?  Synthisizers and piano\'s and then He said some very odd thing about his Musical background that somewhat alarmed me, he would go into Macy\'s and play the Instruments in Macy\'s sorta savantlike, had a guitar when he was a Kid, but Parental Units took it away and gave it to his brother.... Odd I know.

then we traded Business cards and I gave him my Home Address and phone #... And that was it.

The Exosphere  2013


    I am thrilled to discover that I have become a parental unit.!  DOD

Chris DiCicco

History in the term Parental Unit.

When Chris was Small Chris had two ina Half Parents in Parental Math this adds up to be Ka Ka, but not Poo Poo in the terms we all use today.
Then when Chris got to be older and unajusted with things he had three Parental Units... skipping along............ Now Chris Has Four equaly added Parental Units, everyone is in Balance, Chris, the Units, The World, Space as of now and the Cosmo\'s as Chris percieves them.


Glad You are a Parental Unit !

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