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Started by CMA, October 08, 2005, 08:10:34 pm

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i had a polish workmate bring back some polish vodka, it\'s called SOBIESKI.. it is the best vodka i have ever tasted; 40%   i have been drinking it with Canada dry and its soo nice i think im going to get mashed up tonight because its soo nice.

also it\'simported to sobieski u.s.a chatsworth ca, ever heard of it travis?

Chris DiCicco

I\'m pretty out of it on wine ( I dig Canada Dry Ginger Ale) , as I write Camelot Shiraz California Santa Rosa Californa (800) 769-3649

God I Love Sulfites, If I was to return as a chemical in the next life I would want to be a Sulfite 750 ML 2002 its all posted.....

Sorry Travis!

but hek I can type better when I\'m out of it on wine, Hope you DIG yer VODKA Chris Moss you should write an song about Vodka Acid .... wow what a combo with pink Buffulo\'s and orangatang\'s named Jose ........



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