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Hey travis

Started by CMA, May 03, 2004, 07:27:29 pm

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May 03, 2004, 07:27:29 pm Last Edit: May 03, 2004, 07:31:03 pm by Chris_Moss
i wonder if you know if Buckethead or even yourself have met joe satriani, or your thoughts on him?

he was the first shredder i heard way back in 1990 and well joe decided to come with G3 to Bournemouth  ;D  of all places, robert fripp is also playing too which is handy as he lives or did live up the road from me..

thanks as always
chris moss


I have never met him, Bucket may have. I\'ve never really listened to him but I have been a Fripp fan since the first KC record.


hey the King Crimson DVD, "Eyes Wide Open," is a must-have


i think buckethead listed satriani as an influence in an early magazine article.