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Owl download and release date

Started by Travis, February 07, 2012, 11:20:28 pm

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Thank you for that. That's the kind of reaction you hope for but can't be sure you have achieved it till you hear from someone else.

I'm expecting the CD any day. I'll make some noise when they ship.


Another thumbs up here. It just gets better and better with each listening.


The Owl CD is here and shipping. First 100 copies get a 12 by 18 poster signed by members of the band.
All pre-orders have shipped (with the poster) thanks for pre-ordering.



 Man, any day now. I was thinking it would arrive through the ol' mailhole today.
Even brought home some IPAs, planning on having a listening party! Not a problem.
I'm thinking tomorrow. I must say, I am really excited to listen to the album on a nice stereo
with excellent speakers VERY LOUDLY . . . . and Travis, super cool about the Posters.
Thanks to you and the band.


They should be arriving in the US all this week.  Internationals should see them first part of next week.
Yes, made to be played loud or a good pair of headphones will work....don't hurt yourself, I'm looking for repeat business.


Got mine today.  Can't wait to listen to it.  I missed the bit about the signed poster, so getting that was a very pleasant surprise.  Thanks Travis!  You rock as usual.


They treat you real good here at TDRS.  A free three song EP, then an early release of the whole project, then a signed poster - that's really cool - it came in a tube with no folds and it's going into a frame.  You're a great guy, Travis.

In Search Of The

I don't think the owner of any other record company treats their fans like this. I'm proud to support him and other musicians related to TDRS. Can't wait to receive my CD, not sure if I missed out on the poster or not but it'd be a lovely surprise.

Chris DiCicco

Got mine yesterday, witha tubea poster ina bag which seems large and out of place come from TDRS. Thanks for the Poster I need to find it a home. I might reuse the tube for a devotional painting I am doing on an unrelated project, ya know that ol' Recycle kick thing... well yep.

Travis's Vocals are a Majikal thing.

plus Paul Ill did not sign my poster Oh Well, not giving it back.
The Exosphere  2013


Paul was MIA at the time of the signing.  In fact he still is.  So, three sigs on all the posters.

Chris DiCicco

ok Travis, I hope he's somewhere good, and not sick... I just thought it was a rare-ity, the fact that I did not ask You too sign the disc, in the special notes/attachments, sorta regretted it aftern the fact of the perch.

Thank You,
More Vocal Music from Travis in the Future, Please.

Chris DiCicco
The Exosphere  2013


Oh, he's fine. Just making music elsewhere for now.

Chris DiCicco

Quote from: Travis on March 10, 2012, 07:57:09 pm
Oh, he's fine. Just making music elsewhere for now.

Good, Thank You Again.
The Exosphere  2013

In Search Of The

Just got mine, what a tasty little poster. I'm not going to hang it up just yet because I'm moving in June, but rest assured it'll take pride of place somewhere. Thank you Travis!


Getting down to a handfull of posters left.  Last call.  If you still see the poster banner above I still have a few, I'll pull it when they're gone.