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Owl download and release date

Started by Travis, February 07, 2012, 11:20:28 pm

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Looks like ship date for The Owl Dives will be 2/25/12.
Also today everyone who pre-ordered received an email with a code to download the whole CD in advance of receiving the hard copy. If you pre-ordered and didn\'t receive the download code, email me and I\'ll fix you up.
All pre-orders from now till release date will come with the free download. It will be emailed shortly after you pre-order.


It was mighty nice to get the whole CD today on advance download.  After many runs through the EP, I had just reached the point of \'got to\' hear what the rest of the album was like - and there it was!

There is a lot to this album from both the vocal and instrumental points of view.  Travis\' voice matches and enhances the mood and style and drive of the CD.  Good choice of vocalist.  Love the lead piano.  Lindy\'s guitar work is great.  He rocks, man.  I\'m wondering if Lindy will be singing the back-up vocals in the live performances.  Anyhow, the piano/keyboard and guitar facets really \'click\' together throughout the album.  A truly fine blending of talents.

This album can charge you up and get you going.  It\'s got great energy and has a rhythm and pace that doesn\'t let go of you.  No weak points, each song draws you right along.  I\'m eager to get the printed version of the lyrics.  Wonderful album and an exciting new direction for Travis!


Thank you for the nice write up, I appreciate it. It's nice to hear some feedback. Hmmm the live presentation of this CD will take a bit of working out  :-\.


How about a live, on-line web concert?


He works on the farm,
He makes fun of me,
But thats the lats thing youll see,
Cuz im gone use him for something that you wont understand

Spinal Clock #199
Holiday Album

In Search Of The


 . . . . just a couple of more days. Sweet.  Hi Travis, as you already know we passed on the advance download. I hope the ship date is accurate. If not, waiting longer is not a problem. I'm looking forward to this release and I will write a review after a few spins. Thanks!


I'm hoping it's accurate too. Still waiting on it's arrival.  If there is a delay, I'll post it here.
Looking forward to your review.

In Search Of The

I'll probably review this on my blog too, so I'll share the link to that if you want Travis. I also intend to review Reunion by Buckethead & Viggo.


Thanks for all of your help spreading the word around. I really appreciate.


Well, the 25th has arrived but the CDs have not..yet.  Thought I had picked a release date far off enough to cover all production time but CD arrival times are always Charlie Browns football.

Sorry for the delays I hope it will just be a few days at most.


Thanks for the update, Travis.  Good things come to those who wait .

In Search Of The


Thanks for the review, it's well considered I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to hear from someone who has listened carefully and then given their thoughts. Also I appreciate that this music is very different from what I have presented of myself here over the last 20 years and it's heartening to know there are listeners here with open minds that enjoy a wide variety of styles of music.

I knew I was really stepping into it with this CD particularly having only released instrumental music so far on my label. The themes may not be as important for young people and I know a lot of folks who come here are, as it is to me, but as I start to see more behind then in front, I really felt the need to explore the whole range of expression that this kind of song writing allows.

I've had a number of request because it's hard to make them all out and I've always kind of liked that about lyrics if you can't make them out precisely you tend to use the mood of the music and create your own meaning but here are the lyrics to "Came to Rest". This is really the central theme that helps tie together all the stories from the CD and where the title of the CD comes from.

Smoke is hanging  heavy on the road way
the sun dawns through it to the  new day
blue and red flashing on the wet road
linemen caution everyone to go slow

now she dreams like no one else
the kind of dreams you keep to yourself
then she wakes with the coming dawn
the mocking bird begins his song

the sun rises slowly on the north shore
two men walking slowly to the front door

broken glass and tire tracks
burning grass and raining ash
the owl dives through the crescent moon
the vole is still as the shadows loom

its all right  the tires moan
as they hold the turns and grip the road
here the tears came streaming down
spreading out where they hit the ground

careening down around the bend
flashlights out and yellow vests
this is where
it came to rest

my watch is ticking loudly at the bed side
counting out the minuets as they pass by

here the world crawls to a halt
each moment stalled in frozen thought
unbroken chain held with a lock
keeps perfect time an unyielding clock

moments pass then hours and days
hiding years in subtle ways
the boulder proud up on the hill
through rain and wind it stays there still

the owl dives through the harvest moon
even though it stood times test
this is where it came to rest

with every passing phase
theres a waning of the days
and the waxing of the years
when the crescent  disappears
and that moment in the night
when the owl is in flight
and it's  gone

the battle raged a mile across the wheat field
both sides charging in but neither one yields

the sound of hooves and horses bray
the molten steel falls like rain
flame and shot scream through the air
as many cower as others dare

the color bearer marches toward
the cannon and the gleaming sword
pushing down the knee high grass
then eye to eye  a muzzle flash

the owl dives through the quarter moon
felt a thud and grabbed  his chest
this is where he came to rest

the falling sun and screeching of the ghost owl
tells the story of the coming of the last hour

without dreams you turn and toss
without dreams the battles lost
and in tears and mourning still
the mighty stone rolls down the hill

the years have passed and the day has come
light the candle your work is done
the looking glass on the mantel shelf
staring in and don't see yourself

the owl sits in the moonless night
even though i tried my best
this is where i came to rest


Let me first say that although I have the download (thanks Travis for sending it twice!) after I downloaded it I have been unable to locate it on my computer hence, I have just been listening to the three singles Travis originally provided here.  Came To Rest is my favorite.  It is the feeling of the song that gets to me when I listen to it.   It brings me back to a place and a time.  As an example:  whenever I hear Year of the Cat by Al Stewart, I am transported back to being a teenager in the '70s.  It's something that catches you by surprise because of the feeling it evokes.  It's a feeling that can stop you dead in your tracks.  This song does the same thing for me.
Now that I've outed myself, age-wise,  I can also say how much I relate to "...as I start to see more behind then in front".  So true.
Can't wait for the album Travis!!!