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Buckethead SOPA

Started by severedhand, January 18, 2012, 02:29:53 pm

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He could come up with a clever SOPA song. If I were to do one, it would consist of a robotic voice saying "This audio has been removed by the United States Federal Government in order to maintain compliance with the SOPA act."


The least any governments restrict the internet the better.
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Live unreleased is OK, Official releases are what we should not share or download. I made several attempts to get the Pikes off
Youtube but because I do not own the rights youtube will do nothing. That ha hurt Buckets Profits a great deal

ultra plinian

January 26, 2015, 12:08:12 am #18 Last Edit: January 26, 2015, 05:13:06 am by ultra plinian
SOPA is garbage. I don't agree with it at all. I have no problem with combating piracy. Any person that illegally profits off of another person's intellectual and artistic property should be held accountable. But using law enforcement to restrict ISPs and forcing what end users can and cannot access on the internet is an abomination of Western culture and personal freedom. That's no different than telling a person what they can and cannot say, write or think. It's total horseshit.

If you are an aspiring musician, go out and perform in front of people. If you are worth your salt, you'll build a fan base and you will make money. Now you might not be able to quit your day job unless you really are great at it. If you're trying to get rich quick, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons anyway. I'm really sorry that the CEOs and corporate boards at these old megalithic record labels are no longer making hundreds of millions of dollars a year. It should have never been about them to begin with. It should have always been about the musicians and artists from the start.

Look at a small studio/label like TDRS. Travis has to pay the bills. He's got to keep the lights on. He has overhead. But I'm quite certain if it wasn't for fans spreading and sharing the good word and music of artists that frequent his studio, he wouldn't exist at all. You've got to have artists that have fans. Fans come to the performances. Fans buy shirts. Fans collect. Oh, they still buy the music too.

I'll give you another example. Take an artist like Steven Wilson. He is hardly mainstream. Yet, he supports himself, his label, his own personal studio, he mixes and remixes, takes on a huge amount of projects. There is no way he would survive if he did not tour and support his loyal fan base that in return buys those signed CDs, vinyls and collector's editions. It's no different with Buckethead. Loyal fans support their favorite musicians. This will never change. That is the point and SOPA totally misses it.

If I may further add to this. Google owns YouTube. There are hundreds of millions of people using that service every day. Every person with an account has the ability to upload music to be streamed there. You can find just about any album that has ever existed to stream for free because of this. A lot of artists don't push the issue because, let us be realistic here, who doesn't search and watch music on YouTube? Can you name me a single person that uses YouTube that does not do this? How many albums do you "preview" on YouTube before you go and buy it? A lot of artists don't even bother combating the infringement issue anymore. Even the major labels that do push to get stuff removed see after a few days or weeks, sure enough, someone else has uploaded the same music. Do I think it is right for someone to put my music up for free on the world's most popular streaming site without my consent? No, I don't. Am I going to go ape shit about it? No, I'm not. The task is insurmountable. I have better things to do with my time and life. Though, funny that I'm probably going to be interested in how many people are viewing it, and hoping those same people are paying to come to my shows. Perhaps they'll support me and buy a physical copy or purchase to download the album to their music device. Do I want the government involved in this matter? Hell no. The government will just find a way to make matters worse. Is one government going to police every person that lives on this planet that has access to the internet? How much tax payer money is going to be involved in this fiasco? On the other hand, is it even really about music? By what means of privacy will they be allowed to scrutinize just to see what's on every person's file server? What personal rights will be absolved in the name of "copyright infringement." This is a judicial nightmare and I just don't trust governments legislating bills that potentially restrict personal freedoms that have nothing to do with file sharing. SOPA is a bad idea. Ironically, I bet your average senator or congressmen is YouTubing music just the same as everyone else. Like I said before, if you are a fan of an artist, you're going to support them one way or the other. If you don't, well, you'll regret the day that artist is no longer creating anything. As for the artist versus Google/YouTube, well, YouTube advertises on just about every video they host. If they are making money on material they don't own the rights too and you find your music on YouTube without your consent. you should be able to contact Google to have it removed or discuss reimbursement. After all, they're pissing into your pot and making money off of it to boot. If your going to host it and make money off it, you should be liable for it. But that should be left up to the artist/label to pursue in litigation, not the federal government.