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The Vic, Chicago, 07/31/2011

Started by JewliaGoulia, August 03, 2011, 12:48:21 pm

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I saw Buckethead live at The Vic theater in Chicago on Sunday. . . I still haven\'t recovered.

I was in the front row!

Opening set was Wolff (electra tuba player.) Honestly, it was pretty cool although I could have done without his singing in parts.

After 7 or so songs we had a 10-15 minute wait and then Big B came out. Of course, Night of the Slunk was the opening song.

(On that note, f anyone has the setlist for this show PLEASE post it.)

As usual, there was a toy give away and nun chucks. The show lasted roughly 1 hour 45 mins. I wish he\'d played longer but, judging from the sweat pouring out from under his mask and his diminished dance skills, he was pretty spent towards the end.

I can\'t wait to see him in concert again!


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I had my hands on a toy (actually looked like a movie?) but gave it to a younger boy (maybe 10 or so years old) next to me who was with his Dad.

I was more interested in just shaking Big B\'s hand but didn\'t get the opportunity, maybe next time. ;)


That was an AMAZING show!!! First time seeing him too! I didnt recognize many of the songs he played but still enjoyed everything! I was on the second floor before the main floor by the stage. Wolff was interesting but the vocals got old after the first 3 songs. wish i would have brought my new camera to get better pictures than i did with my phone! Oh well, great trip, grat show, looking forward to next time and hopefully getting front row!