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Myopia Construction Kit

Started by Travis, August 18, 2011, 05:59:10 pm

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The Myopia Construction Kit Project is now open.
Because this board is so old and the software lacking in functions I have moved this over to my own forum at

You will need to register there to have access to the Construction Kit files. If you have trouble registering or accessing the forum feel free to ask but let\'s keep all the actual discussion of the Kit over there if we can. Go here if you would like to participate.


in the pdf you said we should create 6 mono tracks and just gave us 5 names to put. Is it a typo?

Also, ive been trying to make this work on Audacity and i cant. Would it work on Ableton? i think i have a version of it that came with my amp
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Yep, check my post on the song forum. Yes, Ableton Live would be perfect for this.