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Buckethead\'s Arizona Jaunt June 2011

Started by stumpdangler, June 18, 2011, 12:10:07 am

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Looks like Bucket\'s back with the iPod.
Hope you all enjoy if you get the chance to see one.
If you have a setlist or some sort of review don\'t hesitate to post it here!

Here\'s a link to a really good audience shot "Siege Engine"


Hmmm..i wonder why Bucket isnt using Pinchface and Brewer for drums and bass now? But now that hes using the ipod, I hope he\'ll play Nottingham Lace, Jowls, and Jordan again! Does anyone know the setlist for this show, or is it the same setlist he\'s been using the past few shows?

In Search Of The

He looks great in the yellow coat again!



Man every time I see one of you guys videos, it gets me more and more pumped for GAMH. And for the yellow raincoat, I like how he\'s switching it up instead of the same thing over and over. So now I don\'t know what to expect.

Can a get a what, what for the KFC "funeral" bucket?
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Another awesome version of this song, probably the best live video ive seen