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Buckethead 6-17-11 Live at the Nile Full Show vid.

Started by Jayba, June 19, 2011, 06:40:40 pm

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awesome!!!! the first full live 2011 show!!


Nicee!!  ;D I was at this and it was my first concert, and first Buckethead show! I was up front at the left wearing my custom made shirt and he handed me a pair of nite glo neck bracelets!  ;D Screamed thank you to Bucket like twice after he walked towards to give out other toys. Such a incredible night seeing him!  :) Made me wanna see him yesterday at flagstaff, but mom said no.   :-/

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Man I am soo excited for the BB kings show. If he played aunt suzie that would be the greatest night of my entire life I doubt he would though   :\'(
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What is the song that is roughly around the 25 minute mark on video #1?


QuoteWhat is the song that is roughly around the 25 minute mark on video #1?

That would be the untitled ballad that he first played in 09 at crossroads. I was so excited to hear that play.  ;D I couldn\'t stop just looking in awe at his fingers making magic.  :) Him coming on the stage amazed me too. He looked taller than I thought!


Thanks! That song is beautiful. Hoping he plays it in Chicago July 31st when I\'ll be seeing him for the first time! *love*

A Day Will Come

I watched the entire recording earlier today, and I must say that I was really impressed with Buckethead\'s playing. He really seemed to be on his game that night, and hearing the untitled ballad for the first time was something else. I hope he starts playing it in the remainder of his shows!
Buckethead's music has changed my life for the better, and for that I am forever grateful.


I can\'t believe he came out to Night of the Slunks...I kid, I kid.  

Great find and thanks for sharing.

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He looks so much more loose on these videos, thank the maker.

Maybe he was waiting for his iPod back from the Apple store genius bar?


Ya he was so super awesome at this show not to mention his posture and his movement was fluent. His fingers were on fire and he looked like he was enjoying himself !!!!! Although I preferred the silver pants and black shirt those silver pants were AWESOME !!!! BUT OBVIOUSLY I\'M PARTIAL TO SILVER  ;D
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This video just made the decision for me about whether or not to take a road trip to Colorado next month.  Just bought my tickets and can\'t wait.