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And then there\'s the list from Metal Sucks, too!

Started by stumpdangler, June 07, 2011, 01:45:32 am

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The writer for the Buckethead entry didn\'t get it all right fact-wise, but who really does as it pertains to The Bucketed One? It can be a hassle chasing down rumours and hearsay on the internet when  you\'d rather be digging the tunes! It\'s a very favorable write-up with a bunch of links, some of which I haven\'t seen in a while.

Buckethead was awarded #17 of "The Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists" and the link follows:



I was just reading that either last week or the week before! I thought it was an old list...hehe... But its great that Buckethead is getting the attention he deserves.