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Started by Phydeaux_3, January 19, 2011, 06:43:22 pm

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QuoteHey slntwtchr,
Any news from Mr Laswell ?

many thanks for great site also!)

New on what? Activities? Bill\'s very busy lately. Getting back a bit to the volume of the so called \'golden years\'. In addition to Praxis, already his new label has released two Method of Defiance albums and a killer live album by Gigi, backed by Material.

The label also has an MOD remix album almost in the can as well as a brand new Lee Perry album that Bill recorded. There are two new releases coming out on p-vine in Japan next month. One is taken from a live show of Bill improvising with Hideo Yamakai and Tatsuya Nakamura. Another by a young group of Japanese musicians with Bill. Slightly more noise oriented. Both killer releases.

Bill and Gigi just had a gig in Addis Ababa this past Saturday - Gigi\'s first trip back to Ethiopia since leaving 14 years ago. There is a gig in NYC Friday with Zorn as well as a few in Tokyo in the next few weeks.

PLUS a dub remix of an album by David Solid Gould on Tzadik. That\'s just the tip of the iceberg planned for this year so far...