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New Buckethead CD limited edition

Started by Travis, December 21, 2010, 05:38:05 pm

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Yes, there is a new Buckethead CD. A regular release is planned for the first part of the year. For right now a limited edition as a holiday greeting card is available. Shipping now.
It\'s a hand made greeting card by Buckethead, each one different and a CD-R of the New CD in a thin jewel case.
Yes, this CD has the new track previewed on Bucketheadland.

Purchasers of the limited edition will be able to purchase the regular edition at half price when it becomes available.


Just ordered it! Awesome! Thanks B and Travis-happy holidays to you as well guys!


Awesome!  Ordered!  I had been here a few minutes ago and nothing and now this.  You really keep us on our toes.


Thanks Travis and Bucket!! Awesome stuff




I guess no matter which one you click on... you order the same thing.

Happy Holidays to you all too!


No numbers. Yes, click on any, goes the same place.


Nice!! The new tune kicks some serious butt!

A question though, Travis: Will the regular CD come in a jewel case with artwork and printed disc and the whole nine yards? Just curious.  :)


I\'m guessing yes, kinda like Cyborg Slunks LE and Regular edition.


Just wanna thank both Travis and Buckethead for this. A better Christmas present I could not think of to get myself.
Tis the season to be jelly (and all that.)

I am pretty psyched that the new song is on this one.
Bring on the Post Office Buddy!!!

Merry Christmas Travis
Merry Christmas Buckethead.


Thank god I came here today AND saved my money from the Satch concert ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks Buckethead and Travis have a very Merry Christmas

BTW will this be here in time for Christmas for us U.S. Bots?
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Greeting Card CD

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How long is this on for? I get paid on Christmas Eve, so can\'t afford one until then. Will the offer still be on then?


This blows Christmas out of the water this year!!! The best surprise ever was getting up this morning and A) Seeing a new song up on bucketheadland and then B) realizing that there is a new album and we can get it now before it really drops!! I mean whoa! Words cant describe how happy i am right now. Thank you so much Buckethead and Travis!

Have a very very Merry Christmas Buckethead and Travis!!!  8)


QuoteHow long is this on for? I get paid on Christmas Eve, so can\'t afford one until then. Will the offer still be on then?
I think the offer is valid as long as they are in stock, which would make it weird buying after the holidays.