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Royale Theater Show

Started by tommyhej, July 18, 2010, 07:27:07 am

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I\'m interested in the full version of the song "Royale Theater Show" (Stallone/DiCola) from the Staying Alive movie. Was this instrumental track ever released or even recorded in its entirety?


Vince DiCola


Wow - I haven\'t ever seen a request for this piece!  It\'s been about 25 years now since I even heard this title mentioned!  Unfortunately I am not aware of any good digital copy that exists of this piece of music   I myself would like to have it on CD (my only copy is on a very old worn out cassette).

Just wanted to respond and say thanks for mentioning this piece.  That was actually the first instrumental piece of music I ever composed for film so it holds a special place in my heart.  I imagine Paramount has all the master tapes to "Staying Alive" somewhere in their vaults, but I can\'t imagine them ever having a reason to release any material above and beyond that which has already been made commercially available over the years.  If you ever do happen to come across a good clean digital copy of this piece, please let me know!


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I would like to see some of that show to.
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I have always been a lover of that scene - and I think the main reason that fewer people have requested it is that people don't know what it is called!
After an exhaustive search (I only found one place that mentioned the full track listing - thanks IMDB!) I found the name and found this thread.

I know that it has not been posted in for over 120 days, but I would like to add my voice to the clamour to get the full digital score of the Royale Theater Show. I have had to take the audio track from the film with the snippets in for now...
How do we approach Paramount? If only the film had been better received by critics - I still loved it!