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What\'s Bucket Building in There?

Started by dewclaw, January 21, 2010, 09:29:04 pm

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Is this the logest "quiet" streak from Buckethead or what?

What could he be doing?

Working on a 23 disc set

Planning a world tour


Needle came out 4 months ago and that might be long enough to make a new album. There could be one in the next few days.


January 21, 2010, 11:04:43 pm #2 Last Edit: January 21, 2010, 11:05:49 pm by BelieveIntheBucket
i was just gonna say the same thing.... he hasnt released anything completely new since april (his stuff on iconography was recorded a while ago i believe and needle was a remix) and its been since may since hes been on tour... im excited for whatevers next :)


What would we do if we had to wait a year????




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Quoteim excited for whatevers next :)

Me too!


I\'d rather have a new album than a tour.


I would rather have a tour that goes through Utah than like 5 albums..... his concert was the best ;D


it will be creative no matter what it is


Really his last good release was A Real Diamond in the Rough... the other 2 I dont really consider good at all.  This is not including DCK or Iconography.  

I really hope hes recording something he cares about and not just some random junk to push his musical boundaries.

Its been a long time... so I guess Im expecting something great soon.  Every year he puts out at least 2 recordings that are soul enhancing... this year should be no different.  

Bring it!!!!!!! Im so ready!
Support underground music!!!


I\'m guessing it\'ll be something that\'ll follow AS, and SOTP.

also guessing it\'ll be another couple of years for another ARDITR style album.

But can you really guess with Buckethead? I don\'t think we can  ;D


January 22, 2010, 08:12:02 pm #12 Last Edit: January 22, 2010, 08:39:47 pm by Duckhead
If we don\'t get anything new for a while I\'m cool with that. I would like to think that he is chillin with friends and fam, recharging his batteries and relaxing, he does have a personal life besides making music.

He gives sooooo much and is very prolific. I liked both FF and NIASS, when I hear people complain about those 2 albums I think they must not understand how the "artists brain" works. Expression of one\'s self comes in many forms and needs many outlets, if you don\'t get it then it is your loss or maybe it just wasn\'t meant for you.

Suprises are what makes life exciting to me, and I am sure big B has a few left in his bucket for us. Just be patient and it will come, if it takes years then so be it. I get sad that some fans express that they want more albums or they want something specific like Giant Robot or another Colma, complain about touring with the ipod - the man seems to continually move forward not backwards so just hang on and enjoy the ride. You can get off at any time, no one is forcing you to stay on. We are all blessed to have his music not entitled and I know most of us understand that.

I just don\'t like seeing the "give me, give me" attitude some fans have and it is a sad commentary about how many spoiled kids don\'t realize how lucky they are. Be grateful you don\'t live in a war torn country like Iraq or Iran or that 200,000 people in your country didn\'t just die from a earthquake - those people have REAL problems, not having a big B concert or new album doesn\'t even register.

OK enough of the buzzkill - Rock on everyone!!!

EDIT: beau, this was not directed at you or anyone else specific. I just read stuff here, there and at other boards that make me upset when people demand more of big B. As an artist and friend of many artists this opinion in me has been built over many years, I\'m sure the people I offend with this post (if any) are all great fans and by no means do I imply that I or others who liked the last 2 albums are better fans. We are all on the rollercoaster together.

 :) :)


I "get" FF and NIASS more and more everyday.  I feel that I have a lot to catch up on so if Mr. B takes a year off, I'm all for it. (+ I got to see him twice in '09)

We are very spoiled bots.  ;)

My feeling: I "discovered" Buckethead in April and ran out (to TDRS mostly) and bought and bought and while I have some (a lot) of faves there are some I've overlooked.  EX:  I bought Population Override awhile back.  I listened to it and went on to another CD.  Now, I just rediscovered PO and cannot get enough of it!!!!!!!!!



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