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Started by nuff_said, April 29, 2010, 04:46:34 pm

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QuoteWhere do you guys come up with this crap..haaaa!

pure speculation!!

he is allowed a break.

and stomach ulcers.. what are you his doctor.?. Nobody cares how much you know about the man!. ..

many of us like the way we view him; with his mask on!.. so maybe next time you have some information about his toe nail clippings and when he got his hair cut, and what kinda car he drives.. maybe sit on it a while.

wow... I thought I was talking to friends on this site.  This is twice now that I have been attacked for what I have posted.  Sorry I even said anything.  

To D: Living in ignorance is bliss... I know I teach special education.
Support underground music!!!


I had to register just to join in on this! HAHA

You\'re all really funny!!

I think everyone needs a break by the sounds of things!!

Ya know what would be REALLY funny?  If BelieveintheBucket WAS actually Buckethead!!  Haha... You NEVER know, huh?  :P

Anyway...  Just all relax... And I think you just need to ignore some comments...  If the BitB character is some dude at home, he\'s getting his kicks right now, reading all your negative comments... Just ignore him, and people like him.  They\'ll go away...  Eventually.

I like Buckethead a LOT... But sometimes you \'bots\' make me embarrassed to be a fan.


If I was Buckethead, I\'d change up the homepage more often just to mess with people.  Mayhem would abound.   :D


Buckethead dominates. That is all.  ;D

Fron son of lon.


May 07, 2010, 02:26:54 am #64 Last Edit: May 07, 2010, 02:55:33 am by noodles
QuoteBuckethead dominates. That is all.  ;D



Can\'t wait to check out the new stuff!
What\'s the drama, mama?


What\'s the drama, mama?

this thread\'s been hijacked by the Drama-Llama ;D



What a ruckus, Duckus! ;)


I\'m guessing that Slip Disk is behind all this junk!  ...and that lama is just a costume.
Support underground music!!!


Aye! The Drama Llama must be it, causing the  snit!


dat\'s what me theenks stumpy, de llama is quite jumpy!


Yes! And if it gets any worse, I may run out of verse!
Tis a great bit of luck, to rhyme with a duck!
In great stead, I scratch my head! ;D


You guys remember that song "Drama Llama Ding Dong"?


Great video ella my dear,
Adding to our rhyming cheer.

Stump and me have set the sail,
To get this thread to derail.

C\'mon peeps at night or day,
Let\'s have fun so post

Laters Gators...