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Started by Nubbins, December 22, 2008, 05:48:02 pm

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QuoteI just added a "clearance" page for Cracked case, end of stock type things here:

I\'ll be running an auction soon on the auction page for even more oddball


i picked up donkey townfrom the clearnace, and i got island of lost minds, finally. you say oddball items, interesting.
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QuoteI just added a "clearance" page for Cracked case, end of stock type things here:


Thank you for the clearance page Travis ! :D i already placed an order for Inbred and Gorgone. ;)


The clearance page is really for end of stock, broken CD cases and other odd items that accumulate around here. I\'ll be adding more to this here soon. The auction I have used for unique and rare items that I wanted to offer to readers of this forum as opposed to ebay. I have a few items and I\'ll post ahead of time when they go live. About running an ebay store, I do what I can, when I run auctions the process is as automated as the system allows. However, ebay buyers seem to require a lot of hand holding and emailing back and forth, the banking and transactions require bookkeeping outside the store system and even though I use software to run auctions, its still a much more time consuming process than the store here. In the end I can\'t save people from themselves. A little Googleing is all it takes. If I had to chase down every scam and exploitation, I would never have time to make music and that is my reason for being here in the first place.
Most of the ebay auctions are CDs purchased here at full price then placed on ebay for a profit and they are relatively small in number. The problem of the many many downloads that are offered everywhere is one that has no solution at the moment and if you figure a way to solve that you will be a very rich person as every media producer is struggling with it.
The best solution at the moment is word of mouth, and I very much appreciate everything you all do to promote and protect the output of the artists that work here.


Well, I certainly plug this place as the place to buy Buckethead cds.  It seems to be common knowledge on the major Buckethead boards.  As Travis said, at some point you just can\'t save people from themselves.  If they can use ebay they can use google and really have no reason for not checking around before dropping a ton of cash on a cd on there.  And as Travis pointed out, at least most of the cds that are being resold for profit were legally purchased and so Buckethead and co got their cut.  


My point is:
If people are willing to pay 35 bucks for a single CD, which was purchased for 15 bucks here, they also would like to buy two or three CDs directly from here. Both groups, the listener and Buckethead/Travis would win from that.
Plus, some words like "tour only" or "rare" are just misleading, not to say lies.



Hey Travis - I know your busy with your solo album and everything else you do but I was just wondering if you\'re still planning on auctioning some rare items?  


how could i have missed this....
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I have lots of plans....an so little time. Right now I\'m trying to get my CD mix\'s completed and released. As soon as I do I\'ll catch up with some of the stuff, like this, I have let slip.


QuoteI have lots of plans....an so little time.
^I hear you there.

thanks for the reply - looking forward to your cd (and auction too  :))


Very interested in seeing what nuggets become available via an auction or several! ;D Keep a look out for this...when the time\'s right, of course ;)


It\'s incredibly annoying seeing all these CD\'s for twice their actual price on eBay, but wherever there\'s a chance to scam, some people will take it.

Hope all is going well Travis.
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