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Whens SOTP and ARDITR coming back?

Started by Boxenstien, November 25, 2009, 09:49:33 pm

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does anyone know typically how long bucketheadland cds are out of stock for? the only other album i know that\'s a bucketheadland release is albino slug- has this ever sold out before? i\'m just wondering as i really want both SOTP and ARDITR and i\'m starting to wonder whether i should buy one off ebay even at an extortionate price if they may not be back for a long time.


like pay for the download if you want it that badly and buy it on CD latter and it would still be cheaper then paying 35 bucks for the cd =)

    8.99 mp3 Download (Amazon.com)
+18.00 CD +S&H (TDRS DUH)
= 26.99  


haha yeah i\'m an idiot i didn\'t even think of that.  


I\'m also waiting for Population Override; it has my favorite Buckethead songs on it and i\'d love to own the CD :D

Even though I want to own all of Bucket\'s discography, lol