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Started by Travis, September 10, 2009, 06:59:37 pm

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what is love,what is happiness,what is life,where is peace?.....................


I don\'t mean to be snooping around or anything, but do you have an approximate date (give or take) when this solo album of yours will be released? Doesn\'t have to be exact of course, but is there a planned date or anything?


Big thanks from a long time uk customer.  Looking forward to your solo release!!!

Peace out

Chris DiCicco

OH MaaaAN ANoooOther CARRRroT...

I\'ll wait for the Travis Dickerson Solo.
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September 14, 2009, 04:03:12 pm #34 Last Edit: September 14, 2009, 04:29:31 pm by D
I wasnt able to order, as i have almost everything tdrs has to offer... almost.

But would like to add....

thanks for the two tracks travis!

they are both great, but that boomjam track.. holy crap! I love the way it builds, and the funkiness of it!

if you have other odds n ends like that, a bit of polish and maybe a few new solos here and there and i think there would be an amazing cd there!  I just loved the style of the keys on that one, funky! the only downside is the not so varied drum beat... but it gets so crazy in the middle who cares!

I dig the solo track too, but its similar to your (travis\') other work, so i\'m not as caught off guard as i am with the boomjam track.

the solo cd is much anticipated, and from that sample track sounds great!

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omg!!!! cant wait for the album. it will be awesomeeeee


sick sick sick sick tracks. cant wait  :D


September 15, 2009, 01:08:57 am #37 Last Edit: September 15, 2009, 05:57:18 am by Duckhead

any chance you have some sample artwork you can provide us with to go with these tracks?

...a friend scanned me the handwritten cover you provided to the Sept 1st buyers, very cool!

I really dig both tracks, they are great. I (like the rest of us here) am really looking forward to your solo release.


...a friend scanned me the handwritten cover you provided to the Sept 1st buyers, very cool!

yo. link please


yo. link please

pm sent ;)


Thanks all for you encouragement, I appreciate it. As far as a release date and artwork and all that, as I said before, I wasn\'t intending really to even identify what the track was, but things got a little carried away. The CD is not finished, it\'s close. I hope to have it out this fall. Thanks again for your interest.


QuoteThe CD is not finished, it\'s close. I hope to have it out this fall.

...and tour dates to follow?  ;D ;D ;D


QuoteThe CD is not finished, it\'s close.

Have you thought about vinyl this time?


like u haven\'t already heard it enough in this thread, but here goes.

thanks so much travis. getting the little white box from tdrs in the mail is always a great day and an awesome feeling. can\'t wait to hear the solo stuff.

u tha man.
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