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How do you listen to music?

Started by Travis, September 15, 2009, 05:44:49 pm

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September 16, 2009, 03:53:43 pm #15 Last Edit: September 16, 2009, 04:05:09 pm by Phydeaux_3
Since becoming a bus driver my listening practice has changed dramatically, I now listen to approximately 90% of my music through a 1-bud driven by my Sony Walkman phone (w300i). This is strictly out of necessity, as it\'s an actionable offense to listen while driving, I get around this by stealth, I run the wire inside of my shirt and behind my ear and have painted the bud flesh-tone with nailpolish, making it very nearly undetectable. I\'ve actually had a supervisor (one of the hard-asses too!) standing at my driver\'s window looking directly at the thing and not say anything, I assume because he wrongly thought it was a hearing aid of some kind.

I\'ve always lived for music, so long as I have my tunes I can do any job for almost any amount of time. I\'d probably go insane from boredom without my current set-up.

The 1-bud is a god-send. I\'ll probably go deaf in one ear as a result of over-use of the thing, but I\'m sensible and only listen at a reasonable volume, but it does allow me to function & interact with the world safely while still consuming mass quantities of life-giving, sanity-preserving music.

Anyone else in a similar situation, with work or whatever, or even people with hearing loss in one ear who want to hear ALL the music, this little thing is magic. You no longer have to pick one channel or the other.

I listen to music this way for approximately 50 hours a week, yes, I have a ravenous appetite for the notes. The quality is not the best but it beats the living shit out of the alternative, which for me would be going stark raving mad.

At home it\'s either the 5.1 Altec Lansing on the PC, the cheap-ass under-cupboard mounted CD player in the kitchen or the cheap-ass DVD player in the living room. Long-gone are the kid-free days when I used to have a kick-arse, ear-popping, earth-shaking stereo. *sniffle* Those days will come again, once the "destroyers" (aka the children) have grown and moved the fook out.

I\'ve calculated my physical CD\'s to be at around the 500-ish mark & my MP3\'s collection stands at about 75GB.

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In the car for an hour a day.  (not a good system)

With headphones during plan time at work for an hour.  (my favorite way to listen)

At home on Bose dvd surround sound system on average of 2 hours a day. (good but not great for music)

While sleeping I listen to music on a crappy ipod dock all night long with Chicken Noodles, Electric tears and other mellow Buckethead songs that dont have drums.  The snare always wakes me up so I dont listen to Colma much anymore.

If Im trying to understand the recording better I always use headphones because there are things that I cannot hear through speakers.

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September 16, 2009, 11:14:14 pm #17 Last Edit: September 16, 2009, 11:16:41 pm by DrJustice
Quote...There is no right way to mix a record.
That\'s true, but there are bad and good ways IMO...  I\'m happy to report that none of the Buckethead/Thanatopsis CD from you have any \'faults\' as I see (hear!) it. Some are quite hot, but it seems that you\'re not fighting in the front lines of the Loudness Wars, thankfully. What we have fits the music; powerful sound, but still with some dynamics, and no clipping madhouse. I\'m a satisfied customer w.r.t. mixing and mastering - and I dig your playing too. Good work Travis! :)



Thank you for noticing. I hate the loudness war. I make records that are not brick wall limited to the hilt and  are intended to be played loud. The trend to make records "sound" loud results in records that can\'t be turned up without being painful. It\'s so crazy now that we have headroom and power like never before we can\'t just turn it up if we want it loud. In ancient times, when I grew up, there was no brick wall limiting and  vinyl records came with a sticker that said "play this record loud", and I did. The result was a fat warm pleasing sound that had real power.
My  sonic ideal is a CD you  sit on the couch between two speakers and crank and enjoy the resulting endorphins.


Hi Travis -

I listen a few ways:

Standard stereo system that comes in the Honda Odyssey - which is most fun when I listen to a favorite Giant Robot DVD because the surround sound kicks in.  But all my TDRS CD\'s sound great in there too.

Occasionally on my computer - Logitech speakers + X230 Subwoofer

at home I enjoy music through DCM KX12 Series Two / 250 Watt / 8 ohm speakers + Polkaudio Subwoofer

I wish I had more opportunities to enjoy music through headphones because I\'ve got some pretty decent ones but it just doesn\'t happen often.

Hope all the info is beneficial and thanks for caring enough to inquire.

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Just for you Travis, I looked at all the names and #s on the stuff we have.

I\'ve got the skull candy ear buds.  Actually I got them because of the name.

My little Zen speakers are just the portable crappy ones, but serve the purpose for me.
Our stereo stuff is a mix of Pioneer and Technics.
The cd player that we use mostly is Pioneer PDM502 speakers are Pioneer CSV9910 and Technics SBK476.


I listen to music mostly through my computer speakers, however I often use headphones. Headphones are probably my favorite way to listen. I also listen from my work computer and my car stereo which is not that great.
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Offshoot to the main question:

On your PC, what does everyone listen with/through/on?
I think we\'ve all listed our hardware pretty much, but nobody mentioned what app. I used to be a WinAmp guy but when I moved to Vista I just started using MS\'s built-in to the OS parts of WMP. Sure it\'s wonky by times but then what isn\'t. I had WA for so long because it worked so well, unless or until WMP gives me a reason big enough to abandon it I probably won\'t jump ship. UNLESS somebody has a killer alternative with a good reason, ie: sound quality pureness, etc.

So what say/play you all?

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It depends on the music.
Almost all the music I have, I hear it on my pc (while I\'m doing other things), or in my living room.
But there are some special albums (like Bucketheadland or Monolith) that I hear them with headphones, in my bed with the lights out and the eyes closed.
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QuoteMy  sonic ideal is a CD you  sit on the couch between two speakers and crank and enjoy the resulting endorphins.
Well said - That\'s how it should be! And for that we need dynamics, tonal balance and no clipping (in addition to excellent music...).

There is also the issue with brickwall limiting and clipping that it may cause hearing damage. It\'s a bit like running your car engine at redline all the time - it\'s likely to blow up in a short time. The hearing fatigue you get from such recordings should serve as a due warning.

For those who want to know more about the loudness war, check out this wiki article.



QuoteAnd for that we need dynamics
Exactely my opinion.

So many CD\'s which I bought within the last years seem not to have been mixed for high end stereo equipment. It\'s disappointing but the reality.


in my bar the basement I listen to my LP collection, in my living room I listen to CDs through Bose speakers, at work usually mp3s using headphones


Hi Travis . . .

 I\'ll have to make an attempt to list all of the stereo gear around the house. HAHAHA. Too many pieces. Still, here is a bit of info. . . We have several stereos around the house . .  basement, main floor, and upstairs. Vintage and newer receivers, power amps, tape decks, turntables, cd players,
laser disc, dvd, etc. High end stuff and some stuff that is decent enough. Also a few "boomboxes" and other odds and ends. No iPods at all.
( the very few mp3\'s we have are only because we had no other choice ).  

 Most of the time we sit on the sofa in the living room between 2 VERY large speaker set ups ( 15 inch speakers for bass ) and a very nice stereo system. We like it loud.

 I totally agree with a few of you about things being mastered WAY too hot/loud. Turn that stuff up and it sounds like shit. I like dynamics in the mixing and playback.
Too many records are way too hot these days. Good thing I listen to alot of old music, hahaha. Lastly, I too remember the " PLAY IT LOUD " stickers Travis ! And . . . I did ( and still do ) too !  


definitly not  mp3 .... unless i make a mix cd for my truck   so my real cds dont get stolen!!  i love vinyl  and i love headphones         but when i can crank it at home  on my home stereo  i do that!
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