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General Discussion / Re: Harry Potter 3 Review
June 07, 2004, 08:19:21 am
definitely agree, best of the 3 by far!! ;D
Criticism accepted Travis.
All very interesting and open to speculation but I thought this forum was supposed to be about music??! :-/
QuoteOrdered. Cant wait to play it, now if i can only get Bucket to sign it for me :)

Anyone wanna bet that a new cd will acompany the release date of the guitar?  
I\'m guessing it will be a really good album too...since he really hasnt released anything new for awhile..F/F and Needle are not new imo...

Also got one on the way!!  ;D ;D ;D

A lossless file is a CD-quality audio file.  MP3 files don\'t sound anywhere near as good - most of the data is discarded in the conversion.  So if you think it sounds great now, a lossless version would sound even better :)

This song is so special that it warrants a hi-fi version imho.

Any chance of a FLAC Travis?  

That would be good!
I wonder if he will ever come to the UK??  Doesn\'t seem that way :-/ :\'( :\'( :\'(
QuoteIn the other thread we started to talk about the bucketbashing over at the Gibson forum, saying he plays with no emotion. I thought I would start a new thread about it.

Hex pointed out one example here:
This emotion thingy is repeated by Slash fans all over since - ahem, ya know...

Just have a look at the Gibson message boards if you want either laugh or cry.
One example:

Those posts on the Gibson boards blew me away (and probably a few of you too). I have never seen so much hate towards BH. I was getting pretty pissed off reading them. At least a few people came to his defense, I really loved what this guy said...

I suspect that the grumpy old farts of the rock establishment is actually scared of the guy. Much in the same way your parents were scared of the musicians and music you listened to. Scared of anything different. Bucketheads music does not always comply with the ultra conservative rock dogmas that rule so many. Stuck in the same trite licks and the same sounds from 30-50 years ago - now, that\'s grating. How refreshing with someone that isn\'t a clone.

It\'s clear from many anti-buchekthead postings that the authors have never really listened to his music - perhaps had a quick look at a youtube clip or two at best. The fact is that he masters the guitar in so many styles and moods. And the way he plays; he\'s one with the guitar in a way I\'ve not seen before. Someone mentioned that they don\'t like his tone - which of his tones? He covers a spectrum of guitar sounds that is unheard of, including classical rock tones.

I\'m having fun listening to Thanatopsis as I type, an example of a record that all the bashers probably knows nothing about (you won\'t find that album on Youtube). He\'s got more talent in his pinky, as the saying goes, than you lot can ever hope for. And his music and act is often humourous and quirky, not that pretentious wannabe guitar wanking dullards necessarily understand those concepts. Buckethead is for people with open minds and imagination - ouch, that eliminates 90% of the dogma rockers then...

A novelty act? He\'s been playing for around 28 years, released 25 albums or so, contributed on another 50, collaborated with a bunch of good musicians, and he\'s not likely to quit anytime soon. Oh, well ignorance is bliss, it\'s your loss.

It\'s OK to not like a musician, but acting like a bunch of insecure kids, ganging up on the strange guy... well, that only tells me that the strange guy has something unique that the bland masses is devoid of. In any case he\'s not passed by in silence.

All in all, Buckethead is the last rock\'n\'roll rebel!

^that last line says it all!

I\'m not sure there is even a lot to discuss here, we all love Big B and I\'m sure the haters would never lurk around here. After reading those negative comments I hope more than ever now that Buckethead gets a signature model Les Paul so those guys over at the gibson forum can poop their pants.

Extremely well put my friend!!
Buckethead\'s prodigious output speaks for itself, I am no spring chicken (51 years old) & stumbled on Buckethead by pure chance when watching the Special features on the Ghosts of Mars DVD & I thought: "I need to check this guy out"!!

I dived in with the "Monsters & Robots" album & was immediately hooked!!
Since then I have avidly soaked up anything I can get my hand on done by the great man!

I am a Guitar player myself and a fan of many types of music from Classical Guitar to Metal & all in between & I have to say that NO!! Player I have ever heard in all those years has captured & held my attention the way Buckethead has......he just has something that is unique but hard to quantify in my opinion.
QuoteYeah, I got one too. Looks like someone registered and once a member you can just click on the member list and see members emails if you haven\'t hidden them.
This looks like the most common ridiculous Nigerian  spam. My Uncle was murdered will you take 31 million dollars off my hands he left me for a percentage.
I\'m looking into what other Yabb bulletin board owners are doing to prevent this. In the meantime, if you don\'t want your email to become public, go to your profile and check the "hide email" box. If anyone that has already checked that box and still got this email, let me know.

Got one too.....It never ceases to amaze me that the idiots who produce these things can imagine that someone would be dumb enought to go for it!!?? ::)
QuoteDamn, there\'s no way to get this past UK customs without a charge that i just can\'t afford at the moment. Looking forward to when i can buy it though.
Have bought loads of stuff from Travis including this album and never been charged by UK customs,
Thanks for that....will prob get them both anyway.
I\'ve pretty much bought all of BH\'s output that I can get my hands on so far and never been dissapointed.

It never ceases to amaze me how as an artist he can produce such a HUGE volume of music......all of which is excellent! And continually touring too!

Compared to some highly thought of musicians who produce maybe one album a year.....& as for G&R LOL!!!

How many years was it??
QuoteI\'m "nuts" about "Bolt On Neck".  Get it!..nuts...bolts!

Lame joke, I know.  Since someone asked for a review I thought I\'d offer my thougts.  5 Second Minute is my personal favorite song.  There is some really great music, and some that seems sort of just thrown together.  I\'m amazed at the array of sounds that Buckethead and That 1 Guy are capable of making.  All in all...enjoyable album.

Buckets style is so varied, would you compare it to any other stuff in particular in terms of similar style?
QuoteJust ordered them, hoping they\'ll arrive right before X-mas. Nice shop update btw!


Post a review when you get em!!?
QuoteOn tk someone said it is from a movie called Chopper in which Eric Bana plays a convict.  He is the person you hear.  This is all second hand.  I have never seen the movie.

Certainly sounds like him.
QuoteMy copy of this cd got here today from Travis!

thanks dude, only took a week and half to get to England ;D

What is the sample in Jessy from?

Good Question....Like to know the answer to that too!
Quotei\'m not hear to bash maximum bob, everyone is entitled to their own creative notions and expressions....... but holy shit. i just bought the dawn of the deli creeps cd and man do i wish i could just eliminate the vocal trax. cut my ears off.
THE MUSIC IS AWESOME THO ( minus any spoken word whatsoever)
let me know if anyone else feels the same way

Are you Crazy man!!??
Bob is awesome...The Creeps would not be the Creeps without him!!!