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Aside from echoing that there is no mask,
I would add, that I do not want to see Bucket without the mask.
Buckethead is Buckethead, just the way he is.
So while I would love a dvd, I don\'t want him to unmask himself on it, period.
If Bucket removes the mask on anything official, then it really was a gimmick, if he never does, then it wasn\'t...

I could not agree more.
I have tried my absolute hardest to avoid any images of unmasked Buckethead. Adblocking Google Image results (I have seen thumbnails of the newspaper clipping, not big enough to see detail), not watching the Basement Scene of SR, and keeping away from anything which could show his face.
I think I\'ve tried as hard to not see his face as Buckethead has at hiding it.
QuoteI think when he gets close to retiring he will sell a DVD of himself over the years unmasked for his final piece of work

I don\'t think this will happen.
I\'m expecting another week at least for mine... That is, as long as customs don\'t get it. :-/
Look at my sig.

Newcastle Metro Arena? Yeah! I know there will be at least three people there (Me being one of them!) ;)

Seriously though, I\'d be willing to travel to somewhere far away like London (from Newcastle) for a night to see him.
It would be a great idea for a comeback tour! *Hint-hint* ;)
Is Batch #4 the final one?
^Thanks, I was about to ask if there would be a third batch. :D

I\'m hoping to be able to snag one tomorrow, but the chances are slim (unless you post them at a silly time like 3AM CA time, not such a silly time for me, it would be 11AM in the UK)

PS, can you tell how many batches you have planned or is that classified information with a black label? ;)

I think I could miss these! Busy day tomorrow!!!! :\'( :\'( :\'( >:( >:( :( :( :-/
Also, how much is the shipping cost for these? (To the UK)

I think if I get one it will be custom\'d. I dodged the bullet with BR but I won\'t get lucky twice.

I want in on this one. ;D

Thanks for preparing us, Travis!
I might name mine...
Any suggestions?

I thought \'Fat cloak-think with a sad face walking away from a cemetery\' was a bit long-winded, but it did describe the picture pretty well. ;)
^Can you say how many batches there will be, or how long you plan to release new ones?
I would like another, but I think it\'s fair to let others have a go and also they are $95 a pop with added possible customs charges...
I hope I don\'t get custom\'d.
I might get lucky, but I feel like I won\'t this time. :-/

Customs seriously puts me off buying stuff from other countries. I can\'t believe how stupid a rule it is.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: I see rockets
September 17, 2010, 04:38:24 pm
Pieces had General Butterfly which was basically Colma, and also Danyel which turned into Wishing Well.
Binge and Grab
2 versions of Welcome to Bucketheadland/Park Theme
Hook and Pole Gang turned into Gory Head Stump 2006
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: temp out
September 24, 2010, 07:10:25 am
QuoteCuckoo Clocks of Hell and Bermuda Triangle can be purchased from CD Universe. Population Override can be purchased from Norman\'s Sound and Vision. I have not ordered from Norman\'s ever, so I don\'t know if they\'re reliable. I have ordered tons of CDs from CD Universe, so they are definitely a good source.

When I got PO, Norman\'s was great.
Fast shipping to the UK and the disc/case were in perfect condition
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: I Hope...
September 23, 2010, 11:12:47 pm
I don\'t care what he plays or with who if he\'s doing it in the UK. ;)