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^Actually, Skidz, I hate to nit-pick, but that is actually sets 1 and 2.
Silly goose. ;)
This has turned into a sad thread.
Nobody is forced to buy CDs. If you don\'t like them, then that\'s fine because you are allowed an opinion, but don\'t shout about how much you hate it and claim everyone else is wrong.

If you feel ripped off, then don\'t buy KR until reviews come out. Spinal Clock had samples so if you say you didn\'t know what to expect then it\'s your own fault for not researching.

And Bucketdog, I don\'t think you meant to but your last few posts made you look like you were bragging.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: CD digipak
November 11, 2010, 03:47:00 pm
LH and Captain EO, most likely.

Do you have Electric Tears? That\'s in a Digipack

isn\'t he on the physically unable to perform list right now?  Heck, i\'m 35 y.o. and i consider myself old.  

By this do you mean that after 35 you are too old to perform? Have you ever heard of The Rolling Stones? Ozzy Osbourne?
I\'m a UK Size 12, and on my Snarling Dogs pedal my heel only hangs back a tiny bit less than his, so I\'d assume he would be a UK 13.
Don\'t know what that is in US sizes though, I think it\'s one up or down.
Shoulda bought the CD.
Yay for postage! :D

Boo for Customs! >:(
Best release since ARDITR.

I would love a CD though. ::)
I\'m assuming this is the Odds and Ends CD mentioned the other week.
It looks great! I\'ll probably order this and Captain EO at the same time. ;D
QuoteTravis, what about "the homing beacon"? How do I aquire that too? It would have made sense to release it in Captain Eo\'s voyage in my opinion. Great tune!
You can download it from Bucketheadland.com I think, under the big banner it says something like: Michael Jackson Tribute
Will order this now!
Thanks for the preorder! I\'m looking forward to Left Hanging. And Yay for Digipacks! ;D
It will includes tracks from the Population Override, Thanatopsis, Dragons of Eden sessions and several others.
I\'ll add a page with more info and samples soon.

This sounds great!
You could put a bit of info about each track on the CD case insert, like:

Track 5: Recorded while doing PO, never finished because....

I look forward to it! ;D