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Crime Slunk Scene is good, and it has Soothsayer, but there are a few that aren\'t so good on there.
Buy it from iTunes, no matter what you think of it. Why would you purposefully go out and use Torrent rather than pay? To hit back at Apple? Well you will also be affecting Buckethead.
Would you rather...
     - give BH the chance of getting some money from iTunes, or
     - make sure he gets absolutely none of it by using a Torrent site.

Just pay 79p. Or 99c. Either is good.
It\'s back in stock now...
Or at least it says it is on sale for $15 instead of saying "Sold Out"
Ooh. Looks like I just got in the last batch of Bucketheadland 2 CDs.
Quoteindeed it is. i was wondering when a tribute song would be posted. it would be great to hear an album of this sort of style!

Do you have Electric Tears?
Any idea where I can buy it? It needs to have shipping to the UK... And not be really expensive.
Why is there no Giant Robot album in the Buckethead catalogue?
I am wanting to get that, Diamond in the Rough and Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock next. Then maybe Colma and Slaughterhouse on the Prairie.
Eventually, after I have all of those, I will get In Search Of The...

But where is Giant Robot?