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QuoteTravis, if my CD i ordered (Shadows Between The Sky) is affected by the earthqueake will u re-send it?

I think the decent thing to do there is just to wait an extra week or so. Chances are it will get to you eventually. So, wait a while longer before asking for it to be sent out again.
As long as you keep selling CDs that I love I\'ll come here first. Anything Buckethead-related and this is my first choice. ;)

Good luck with the future, and keep up the good work. I\'m sure you know it\'s really appreciated. ;D
I\'ve just removed it.
Back to 13 tracks, as it should be.
I wouldn\'t take anything off Wiki for fact unless it can be backed up by numerous other sources.
And I just bought EMAC (arrived today) and there\'s only 13 tracks on it. :P
That\'s great!
I can\'t think of any other company who\'d give such good service as to let you download the album for free while they wait for a new restock.
Thanks! ;D
I\'ve already voted for SotP the first time around, so I\'ll not be voting again.
Hope they reach 100 soon! ;D
QuoteAm sorry if am late in this discussion, but I would love to get my hands on Population Override, Colma and Eletric Tears.
You can\'t get Colma or Electric Tears from here.

Also, I\'ve voted for SotP. 8)
^ I have been checking up here almost daily for Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, so I\'ll be down for a preorder. 8)
My guess is:     96

Glad to see that there is not \'US only\' restriction. I live in the UK, and most contests I want to enter are US only. >:(
But this one isn\'t! ;D
QuoteI don\'t know much about bit torrents but this makes it  much more interesting. Thanks for the info!

I generally hate torrents. I only use them for Buckethead gigs and maybe some audio from the gigs.
I downloaded Vuze just for a few vids. I recommend it... Not sure if it\'s on PC as well as Mac, though...
I saw this thread on .tk.

I wish I had a limited ISOT... ;)

When you place an order you have the option of writing in a "comments" section.  Utilize that for your request.  

I\'ll do that next time.
I\'ll be ordering on the 18th when postage is back to normal.
Albino Slug, Diamond in the Rough and maybe Inbred Mountain.
I also need to get Bucketheadland 2 for my friend.
How do i actually ask? Email Travis with my order ref? :-/

Help will be appreciated... I\'m starting to get excited.
I don\'t really like asking, but will Buckethead sign stuff too?
I\'m going to be buying a few CDs shortly and I\'d pretty much wet myself if Bucket signed one...
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Bucketheadland 1
September 06, 2009, 08:17:13 pm
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place where I can get BHL1 for less than the usual £50/$80 mark.
It also must ship to the UK, which seems to rule out most places. :-/
eBay seems to have some sometimes, but usually the bid prices go upwards of £30, which I think is a bit much...