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TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: This sucks
January 27, 2011, 05:12:48 pm
Quote^^^I one day hope to have that kind of disposable income.  one day ;D

A credit card and a fake name could also work...
After the debt racks up, fake your own death. I can\'t see any long-term complications of that plan. :D
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: This sucks
January 26, 2011, 12:28:30 am
Wow, that\'s a SERIOUS collection.
What\'s that CD on the first column, one above Chicken Noodles II and below Kevin\'s Noodle House?
At first I thought it was Electric Tears in a regular jewel case.
Here is a good .gp5 for For Mom

The solo is not right, the author just made it up. But As long as it\'s in the right key, improvisation should sound good because it isn\'t a fast song.
Good luck!
I\'d say For Mom would be the simplest choice, but how about something off Electric Tears?
I have a Spell of the Gypsies .gp5 file somewhere, it has electric parts in it but I think they should sound good acoustic as well.
He was wearing these:
QuoteIt would be fair and European Binge this time ;D ;D


That\'s the sound of European bots concurring.
Wow, that took a while!
If they were still there by August or something I would have bought another one. ;D

I would also like to know the final number, I reckon 600.
My cover is just the banjo with arms coming out of it. ;D

Thanks to everyone!
(Apart from that guy who snatched #1 from me) ;)
^But then he would have to also get Michael Jordan to sign #23. ;)
I Googled \'Mean Joe Greene\' and this came up as the first result:

QuoteGood riddance I say.

I\'m sick of the constant drama surrounding these youtube posters, as if they\'ve earned some special distinction just for uploading freely traded videos.

While I agree, I think it is good that people upload them to YouTube. Say there was a great version of a song, on a gig you didn\'t have. It\'s easier to watch a video on YouTube than download an 8GB torrent for a few days.
Quoteis there any Praxis stuff thats much to the likes of the track "the interworld and the new innocence"?

Transmutation is a good album all-round
Is there any particular reason this wasn\'t put on eBay?
More potential of people seeing it, more established bidding system and it means nobody has to watch it and send out emails.
Plus, everyone is protected with PayPal, and people coming here will know it\'s official because it was posted here first, By Travis.
I just noticed this, the bottom bundle with CNI and II, Gorgone and Icon. has the wrong title. It says "Left Hanging + Anatomize + Iconography + Gorgone $35.00" When it should say "Chicken Noodles + Chicken Noodles II + Iconography + Gorgone $35.00"
There is a good chance I\'ll order the last bundle, with both CNs, Gorgone and Iconography. I think I\'ll wait until I get my LH/CEV order first though. There is an inconvenient ocean between us. ;)