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I got a reply to my message about the vinyl LP.
Their reply is below. The vinyl LP is available for purchase NOW. I just bought a copy.
Only 19.99 USD and only 4.00 USD shipping!
2 heavy weight audiophile quality vinyl LP's 33.1/3 speed. Plus FREE digital download code enclosed. Great deal.

"Hey Kenneth!

So sorry for the confusion here and thanks so much for bringing that to our attention.  This link should be working now:

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues! 

All the best,

I sent a MSG on their contact us link about the LP pre-order.
Waiting for reply.
Will post the reply here.
Get well soon sir
Excellent!  8)
You should ake it off youtube in good conscience. Website's like BH Pike site cost him to keep it going also.
I'm waiting till it's available on BH's official site.

BH is currently touring this month with that1guy.
I purchased Packs a Wallop! CD from him official site 2 months ago.
Excellent CD!
I\'m downloading this torrent right now, I will seed this BH DVD for a long time once it is completed here on my system. Have no problem with seed 24/7 as I do run SETI 24/7 for some years now. Only re-boot for the Vista updates.
Thanks Travis!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Colma
August 14, 2009, 01:40:36 am
I want a buy a copy of Colma, but I am unable to locate here at TDRS. I see copies for sale on eBay & Amazon.
I would like to purchase this CD that is officially affiliated with in some fashion that the part of the proceeds were/are paid back to the artists on this CD.
I understand that the label is named Cyber Octave Music. Did these sellers on eBay and Amazon purchase their new copies through official piplelines that get back to the artists? Namely proceeds.
I purchase all my BH music here at TDRS either in CD format of download for mine and my son\'s own enjoyment. I\'d rather pay extra if I am sure the artist gets paid.
I posted it as I saw the song named the Landing Beacon upon download. Regardless of it\'s actual title ....It is a beautiful song.
Not sure is you know BH posted a new free song. A song for Michael Jackson.
QuoteI definitely think a pre-preorder would be a good idea. It couldn\'t hurt.

I agree with a pre-preorder system.
I would love to have any Buckethead on vinyl.

I still have my Technics turntable SL1200 that I bought in Germany in 1978. with 2 NEW Shure V15 cartridges I picked up before the CD craze started. One still new in box a Pickering audiophile. The turntable is still like new after all these years. No belts. Servo drive.Haven\'t used that steros setup in like 10 years now. GOt married and had kid\'s.Have 200 gram audiophile copys of Pink Floyd, complete Jimi Hendrix collection on vinyl, Nash the Slash on Vinyl. AHir bands form the 70 and 80s. Got a collection of vinyl that I started back in the early 70\'s. Going to the record store on Sat. morning to by records 45\'s and LP\'s  is what we used to do back in those days.
 So yes. I would pre-preorder.
Just bought  this CD here at the store.
And another instant DL album.
Those Dunlop 1.14mm picks are thick. I was wondering what picks he used. Guess that picture answers my question. I like those Dunlop picks also. Albiet a thinner .44 light. Heavy is better to be heard live. The .96 medium are nice.  These won\'t slip out of your fingers sweaty or not.

Does anyone know what string set Buckethead uses?
I\'m guessing Ernie Ball Heavy set.

QuoteHi everyone,
I was in great positioning for pictures this time! I was up against the stage right in front of the wah pedal. I think most of them turned out okay.

Also, I made a really short clip of part of Soothsayer.

They are decent!
Anyone know what type of strings Buckethead uses?

Plus did you notice the new graphics on his humbucker pickups?
Also noticed the new red button on his GS. Is it another killswitch?
I didn\'t see him press it. But then again his arms and hands are so quick, he may have.