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thanks travis, and to all in TDRS youre all doing a wonderfull work.

my x-mas wish for you is to keep your good work
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Happy New Year
December 31, 2007, 01:11:38 pm
i wanted to thanks Travis, Buckethead and all of the people who make such good records at TDRS.

Happy New Year to all
thanks it was to add the iformation on wikipedia in almost all  this year realeses ive put the iformation on wikipedia and translate all i could of Buckethead into the Spanish wikipedia (in Chile we talk spanish) cuz there wasnt any info on him
can someone plz post the Tracks and the album length plz
the songs i liked the most were (this will be long):

Vol 3 Track 6: awesome song (10 min), its like he did just a tiny part of the song with diferent combinations,when you play it, theres a part thats the same but when that part is over is like something new just came into his mind.

Vol 5 Track 1: for me its the most relaxing song scince the album Colma, just a fantastic song with good sounds and guitar efects.

Vol6 Track 1: great song with the weird sounds that Buckethead always put in some of his songs and the guitar solos that blows minds away thinking "Who can he play so fast", when i finished hearigng this song my first thought was "I should send him a bottle of water", when someone plays 19 minutes of guitar solos they must be preety exausted.

Vol 7 Track 3: A very funky song with good sound.

Vol 8 Track 1: a very good song, it mixes the sound of the Vol3 track6 with  the sounds of Vol 7 Track 3 song style.

Vol 8 Track 4: a very good song its like to dance in a tecno club if a Dj mix it with something else.

Vol 11 Track 1: very good song , it has a sound familiar to Vol 8 Track 4 and Vol 7 Track 3.

Vol 13: the best example of creativity ive ever seen (also the lenghtiest song ive ever heard) very good back up sound and the sounds of the guitar just blown me away


i have been doing my hombework about buckethead i and found that the album Super Diorama Theater was never realeased and i wanted to ask maybe Travis could answer why was it never released?

Also if Buckethead i planning on playing outside the US in some moment?