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i always thought that there would be a fan base that would die to hear Pop. Override on Vinyl. ;D

you mean like replace the album version of Forgotten Trail with the iTunes version???

i meant add, not replace. But yeah, i was refering to the itunes song 8)
maybe when Albino Slug sells out there is a posibility that a new press with extra track could be done ;D ;D

But it seems that there is some demand for Pepper\'s Ghost ;)
QuoteThere could be an expiration date for pre-orders for the albums, but no set number of pre-orders, and whoever pre-orders the album before the expiration date gets that repressed album.  Just a thought.

I think that the problem is that when Travis represses an album, he cant repress 5 or 21, he needs to repress a certain ammount in which he can make a little profit. And 5 or 21 albums isnt enough, i think
i wouldnt have a problem if i bought a ticket for the repressing of some album.

Still, i would be kind of worried for those who would like to have their copies within a time frame.

This is certanly very complicated >:(
I completly disagree with Bucketdog but i get what he is saying.

In my oppinion SOPA is in part the response from big label\'s failure to adapt to current times. I know that SOPA isnt restricted to just music but when i heard from this back in september, it was much more scary than the one they have revised now but it still thratens everything online. If it were to pass and i put a freaking picture of the enterprise riding a unicorn while darth vader is in the back, this site could be immediately shut down. In the same sense i make Buckethead tabs and i post them online, according to what i know that is also copyright infringment and so far they are on the .tk, Ultimate Guitar and Youtube. I alone would have been the cause of the shut down of the biggest advertisement sites for Buckethead\'s carreer. Last time i checked, that would be the last Buckethead would need.
He doesnt get mainstream attention and yes, he has gained a lot of followers by pirates who download music (myself included), but at the same time its because of that i now buy albums (specially Big B\'s albums).
Bucketdog, you might say that Buckethead is lossing a ton of money. In my point of view its the other way arround.

In any case, that abomination is now dead but im counting the days it will take before another law like SOPA appears
QuoteJust curious...seems like that would be a great way to promote his new releases and tours. It would be a great way to tease with new binge clips, etc...

I miss those days when the binge clips forshadowed new releases and featured fun stuff and shenanigans.

It seems that youtube takes a  lot less maintenance than a facebook or myspace. The official web page and toystore are great at telling the story and getting releases out, but having an official youtube presence could supplement that and be a big win, perhaps, without too much trouble.

not only that, but depending on the ammoun of views per video, he could also become youtube partner and make some money out of it.
well, p4b asked for the usual "pic or it didnt happen"

But i have my doubts as well. But people seem that are going to get it soon

Wanna consolidate your guesses into one comment?

nah, im not participating. Just trowing names i think would be cool.

Chances of getting any track name right are of 10 out of infinity. (it would be 11 out of infinity but a Electric Sea track seems way too likely)

Happy holidays ;D ;D
I think Undercurrent could also be a good name 8)
I do think there is going to be a title track.

If not, then "Untitled" ;D


Fixed ;D
QuoteI\'m thinking it would be really cool to make a Pikes movie! That would be so cool!

I would like much more than a movie... I want a live DVD ;D ;D
wow, new album looming Travis. I cant wait to see the reaction. ;D ;D ;D
QuotePepper\'s Ghost has only been OOP since sometime in August last year...I remember, I bought it along with Best Regards and then a week later it went OOP. Maybe since it is an older album people think it\'s more expensive?

you are telling me that PG is so popular than in one year the price increased more than 1000%??? yeah, i could see that happen 8) ;D ;D ;D