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Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
January 21, 2011, 06:29:43 am
QuoteYa know, O-shit-head-bama has not fulfilled ANY promises he made and tried to make us a socialist country with his bullshit health-care plan for 2014. It got overruled by congress (thank god). He is a Muslim scum-bag and I can\'t wait for him to get the heck outta office. Bill Clinton was the last decent president we had... Don\'t bother arguing with me because I WON\'T reply. Bucketdog has spoken! Peace.........

quoted for only getting information from Fox News ;D ;D ;D
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
October 29, 2010, 05:46:12 am
ive never understanded american thinking. Im not against Obama, and as far as ive read, hes a steping stone in a bigger scheme. I honestly never exoected anything radical from him scince he has to overcome the power of the senate who by all means dont care what the president thinks as long as they can remain in the spot they are sitting in right now.

I do think hes really doing something, but what i dont understand is how they believe that change in whatever form it may be will come the day after like deleting and create something new which is kind of idiotic to think about since beuraucracy is all about the contrary.

Also i read the first post and they say hes not christian. wtf that has to do with anything, you elect a president to lead a country not be in front of a chruch. XD. i think that mostly came up when the mosque thing was the trend of the news and again is kind of odd. They guy might be christian or not but he has the same right of oppinion as everyone else.

The economy of usa would be in the floor either way and i would think that if mc.cain would have been elected president, the situation might be even worse.

Let the guy do what hes planning and dont pull back after all that is just a reflex of so many years of republicans in office ;D

Not everything happens patriot act fast ;)
Quotehey, as far as the repressing of out of stock cds, iv\'e got an idea. a link is put nest to all of the oos items in a oos page. those interested go there click the link next to the item and then they are given the option to preorder. this preovides tdrs a email list. once the required # is met (a minimal # needed to do a repress) the people who expressed interest in a given title are all contacted via email to pay for the order.

I think that an email confirmation can give a more accurate estimate of how many people would want to buy the CD and if we look into ADITR and SOTP Travis needed 50 copies or more to repress it (i think), Pepper\'s Ghost can easily get that number or more given the fact that is a very mainstream album and its price is only getting higher. The same with Shadows but since less time has passed, the price has yet to reach PG levels.

And maybe now that Halloween and X-Mas are arround the corner. Maybe the demand will increase even more. ;D ;D ;D
QuoteIt doesn\'t seem "population override" is OOP. Ion records are selling them directly through eBay. For double the price. I caved in and bought a copy because I don\'t steal music. I would have MUCH rather bought it here. I hope Travis and the boy get a piece of that action. Otherwise I\'m gonna feel real stupid not having patience...

I saw it for 7 bucks on a record store. I begged for money and bought it 8)
reading this again reminds me how much i would like Pepper\'s Ghost.

Dont you think that making a petition wont help? I would gladly re-do the Crime Slunk Scene process (paying in advance without a release date) ;D
QuoteSorry, we are no closer to a solution. It\'s important to remember that most of the CDs your interested in are from Bucketheadland. I have CD\'s I make for my label TDRS, and then other labels, Bucketheadland, and ION and a few others.  Only TDRS do I have direct control over repressing. Though over the years I have tried to do what I can to keep Bucketheadland CDs in stock it\'s really up to them as to how they want to allocate their resources and I think with the music business being what it is , that\'s becoming a bit challenging.  I think right now all resources are going into touring. I expect once that winds down an overall picture of how their music is going to be distributed will be clearer.

If and as soon as I know more, I\'ll pass it along.

oh, i see. Well it is a complicated matter, specially with the state of things nowadays.
Still, i think that maybe a change in the format like a vinyl would get a better financial response of fans who already have it but want to hear it in another format and maybe those who do not have them yet.

Having no clue or insight on the music industry, i have seen how Merzbow constantly releases album after album (5 or more per year) and he makes pressings of 100 to 1000 vinyl copies that seem to gorelatively well.

Still, i feel awful for voting on the repressing of ARDIR and SOTP and didnt bought them. Ill fulfill my promise on Spetember
speaking of restock, Travis are you gonna release a 4th batch of limited editions of the Untitled album??
i see now. What an explanation ;D ;D

After all this talk i would feel rather guilty if Travis repress Peppers and Shadows on the normal way and not many people buy it. :(
You can play CD-R\'s in the car...i play them in mine all the time! Although CD-R\'s dont work on some stereo systems.  I dont know any specific ones that they dont work for but 1 of my stereos doesnt play them.

i think i have one of those stereos that cant play them.

Lucky i have 2 stereos
why is CD-R different than a regular CD or what? im not really familiar with those differences.
QuoteCool. I guess I\'ll retire and take up gardening.

hahaha. I do think that small labels exist because of the hardcore fans. They are the only ones that end up buying physical copies of the albums anyways.

And sadly, i cant think of any other ideas to help which is bad because i really would like to see them represed. And as far as the distribution of music goes, i think that the releasing of digital copies is sufficient enough.

In any case, for future releases, maybe releasing it online and hold a pre order without time frame untill you reach a certain number of people. And that way maybe Travis can save pennies when pressing albums that end up beign less popular that expected (FF/NIASS)
How about, disc only ( a pressed CD) , like Netfix. You print the cover and supply the box. Or just disc and printed goods, you supply the box.

I dont wanna bother you Travis any more that i usually do, but the idea of the disk and the printed goods could be good because i really dont want to just print the cover by myself (there is a lot of room for error in that department). But if you are serisouly considering that, why not make it like Spinal Clock kind of format. After all, Buckethead does not release booklets.

Also, my original intention is to get the first edition version. So i wouldnt mind waiting half an eternity for another 100 people (or x nomber of people, i really dont know) to buy a pre order without any time frame.

I would really like the original version, and maybe he could do a tour-only repress ;D that would be too funny.
well, the ball is on Travis court now.

I think some of the ideas are viable but i hope Travis can share his knowledge of the buisness to solve the problem.

(if there is a Pepper\'s Ghost on digipack, ill have to buy the case one either way :P)
i think that you are way ahead of yourself.

I mean, no one takes into consideration the time that is going to go by from now till Travis has reached a desition. Plus, you have to add the time that pressing the albums would take.

Maybe after the whole process is up and Travis has them in the studio, Buckethead would have already finished up the tour.
im guessing that having Buckethead to sign repressings would be a great way to pay for the repressing itself.

By charging the usual extra for Big B\'s sig, Travis can use that extra money to pay for the repressings and it would cost less (both in people needed to buy the album and albums themselves) to pay for it. Although Buckethead\'s wrist will pay the price ;D ;D