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General Discussion / New Zappa Plays Zappa DVD
November 22, 2007, 05:37:44 pm
So, we went and saw ZPZ again this year ( this past Sunday night ). Lucky for us, here in Portland they play a rather small room. Like last year, a truly wonderful show. Set list was 90% different and Dweezil continues to sound more and more like Frank ( no easy task ! ). Anyway, the new DVD is out.... filmed here in Portland and Seattle last year. It\'s f**kin\' awsome. Vai and Bozzio destroy. I\'ve seen Frank tons of times on the 84 and 88 tours and I must say, I enjoy ZPZ just as much. Every and/or anybody who is a fan off good music and monster guitar solos should check it out. Last year I saw them on Dec 21 ( FZ B-Day 4 hour show ! ), this year was my B-day ( Nov 18 2Hr 45Min show ).... anyway we get home and pop in the dvd and low and behold there\'s my wife, there\'s me. We were right up front, mere feet away from Bozzio\'s painfully large drumkit. Such a fun night last year and now I can watch it again and again. It\'s like a time machine ! ( I was also at the NYC Pier shows that make up FZ\'s DHBIM video ).
Awsome. I miss Frank a bunch  :(. So pleased Dweezil is doing this. Check it out. ;D
Feel it. Music is good for the soul. I am sad to report that a few nights ago ( Dec. 26 ) my Father died suddenly. He was 62. Totally unexpected. As if that does not suck enough, my Mother is in a mental institution ( again ). ( Sorry to drop such a heavy here ).
I did spend some time with my Mom back in July and I sent her home with some Buckethead cds/dvds. I have not seen my Father in 17 years ( long story ). Still, it hit me hard. I had tried for MANY years to have him be a part of my life. It did not work. Oh well. I did try. Hard. Anyhow, I got about 20 Buckethead dvd\'s yesterday in the mail ( I trade alot ). As usual, music is my happy place and it has helped so much. So, thank you Mr. Buckethead, even though we have met,played on the same bill back in 1996.... I don\'t know you. I know and LOVE your music and if by chance you ever troll around this forum, I just want to thank you. THANK YOU BUCKETHEAD. Your sounds are helping me through this tragic time. Peace.
Woo - Hoo !

 What a nice surprise  ;D
 Ordered ! I can\'t wait.

 THANKS guys !   peace.
I went to this show. Here\'s a few of photos ! It was a wonderful, magical evening. It\'s gonna be a great tour.

Holy smokes. What a treat. I\'m just a few tracks deep, but man, this one is really sweet. The first two tracks totally destroy. Such beautiful music. Travis, your riffing on Ovum Prophecy is super cool. The bluesy vibe Bucket taps into during the last half of The Chicken or the Egg is so groovy. WOW. Even better than the first so far for me as a listener.
I was thinking, even with all of this years releases a fine way to cap it off would be a live cd. Unlikely, sure. Still, I wonder, ( hey, Travis ! ) any possible ( like, within the next two weeks, hehehe ) future plans for a live disc or set ?? Lots of stuff is freely traded, but that\'s how it\'s always been ( I\'ve been trading Zappa shows for 22+years  ;D ) and I still buy every new release. Moving forward is always best, but releasing live cd\'s is pretty cool too ! The Buckethead collection/cannon needs a killer (official) live set   ;)
Man, neat-o, neat-o. What a fun ride. With so much music released this year ( Buckethead and others stuff, I mean, come on ... you can\'t ONLY listen to Buckethead .. hehe ) it\'s hard to keep up and listen to any/all given recordings as much as the one you like the most.. Anyway, earlier tonite I was working on the computer and listening to that track ( ISOT VOL 1 trk 6 )..... damn, that\'s a good one. Starts off with a really killer groove, then at about the 1 minute mark there is an awsome killswitch freakout meltdown.... about 2 minutes deep he starts poppin and s**t !! By the five minute mark..... my face was torn off !! Nice. Stopped what I was doing and played it again. I could go on. I love this set, I know some folks don\'t really dig it all, or think alot of it is filler. Not me, I really enjoy ALL OF IT. As a musician myself, I really enjoy improvising, experimenting,jamming,searching,etc. It\'s nice to hear Buckthead doing all of that and more, in some cases  ;)
I\'m also always interested in all things leading up to the end result. Warts and all. ISOT is killer and essential   8)   Anyway, what\'s yer favorite ( or one you like a whole bunch ) track off of the ISOT set ??
 Man, this tune ( trk. 4 CN II ) is really great. It seems to me that it is loosely based around the main riff from Smokestack Lightning. Was that intended or were you guys just jamming ? Either way, I\'m totally into this track. Sweet. I\'ve always loved that tune. The "room" sound of Bucket\'s intro solo is very,very nice. Hey Travis, what kind of amp was used for that guitar part ? In fact, the guitar tones throughout this album are very cool. Warm, stingy, wicked, smooth. What about your sound here, amps ... direct ... both ? Insane, the interplay between you two here. What\'s for dessert ?? Thanks.

OK, I\'m adding more here, hehe. I\'ve listened to this a few more times tonite. Wicked. Hendrix, of course... I also get a Garcia \'68 type vibe around 7.25 or so. Wow. Thanks.  We\'re really digging this release!!
Howdy Travis.... Question. I was wondering, how did you and Buckethead hook up ? Did you guys start working together quickly or was it a slow process ? Etc. ( mabey this has been covered before ? ). And now for a comment, looking forward to hearing some more Noodles   ;D
Thanks in advance for any reply.
Hey Travis... Sorry if this has been covered here, any chance that you guys may ever reissue Giant Robot NTT ? That is one of only two albums I need and it goes for way too much on ebay ! I would guess Buckethead owns the rights to release it ( ?!? ), mabey not. I\'d pay $50 for a ltd. ed.  ;D  Thanks.