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Bet you thought you'd never see me again! At least, not here.
Just wanted to weigh in with my compliments on this album, it's been in my player a lot recently.
I hope there's more new stuff in the works.
It\'s looking great! Very interesting to compare the early photos with where you are now. I look forward to seeing a photo you are happier about, once Max has worked her magic! ;)
I hope your other projects have gone well, gkg. Been anticipating the final version of caress for a long time now!
Oh my goodness! :o That\'s lovely, gkg. I\'m really looking forward to seeing the final version.
That vid is just so much fun!  ;D
Great track, northwoodsdrummer. Thanks for sharing it!  8)
This is amazing! I just skimmed through, and bookmarked to go back. Thanks for getting a DOD site going.  8)

I haven\'t said yet how much I like the second book of cartoons. Bad me. Good book!  ;D
gkg, any regrets I have are very mild indeed. I\'m certainly not in the first flush of youth, being the "wrong" side of 50, but life has been great so far & I\'m looking forward to more!

lulu.com is a self-e-publishing site that gives the option of hardcopy or CD-ROM, either or both, on demand. A step or 2 up from laser printer & stapler?
"you can get invited to a lot of good parties too where you can talk for hours about what you\'re not writing"

LOL sarahd, is that really such an awful fate? As long as the parties are good ones?

Very interesting discussion about art in academe. Almost makes me glad my day job is in science [NOT in academe, thankfully] & I can devote my "real life" to stuff I love like music & writing. Al-most. There are days when I regret not becoming an FM radio DJ or a rambling folk musician. However, I DO like to eat! ::)

buswolley was being kind when she complimented my poems, but, what the hey, here\'s the link:

I\'m working on a chapbook -- in the assembling material phase right now. Finally decided that I might as well do something with my overflowing bottom desk drawer. Yet to find a publisher who might be interested (surprise, surprise), but went to a local small press fair last weekend & got some info. Plus there\'s always lulu.com  

I\'ll let you guys know how it comes along.
Good to hear more about copyright. Important stuff to know. There are some fine lines -- you need to be able to quote and give examples to discuss things. And permissions aren\'t always easily come by.

Check your pm\'s.
Depends what you mean by luck, buswolley. I\'m certainly no expert, but I\'m glad to share the little I know & have experienced.

Both times I have done NaNoWriMo I have finished with more than 50K words and a completed story. I think I\'m improving my writing, too. Both of those are accomplishments in themselves!

The only thing I\'ve had published so far in traditional media (apart from journal articles for my day job) is one lone poem in a poetry magazine. I\'ve also had a couple of poems recognized on-line, in the Poem of the Day at Poets Against The War. All of that felt good! I\'d like to publish more, sure, but there\'s a lot of luck involved apart from all the hard work. And there\'s this day job that consumes a lot of my time & energy... ::)

I\'m not up on copyright laws in the USA, but I did go to a copyright seminar a few weeks ago here (Canada), and one thing they mentioned was the difficulty of getting ASCAP permissions to quote song lyrics, and that getting permission for those is a MUST. I think quoting titles is fine, though. And copyright applies pretty much the same on the web as in print. But you\'d need to check out on-line sources, or there may be some reference materials on copyright at your local library.

I\'ve seriously considered //www.lulu.com for publishing a poetry chapbook, and may yet pursue that. They seem to be a pretty good place to deal with. If I ever write a novel I think is saleable, I guess I\'ll make the effort to find an agent though, and go through channels like the rest of the writing world.

Good luck with your book! It\'s great to hear from another writer.  ;D
I think it\'s great you\'ve got all that support, stuffy. My husband is very supportive of my various artistic gyrations too.  Which include music & photography as well as writing. He doesn\'t even mind reading my poetry - now THAT\'s true love ;)

Would love to trade writing chat, who knows when but we\'ll find a time.
That\'s horrible gkg. I don\'t know what it is, but there are "fashions" in publishing like everything else. I bet it would get a better shake today. Maybe with a different agent? Now, what I\'ve been hearing is that "chick lit" (whatever that is when it\'s at home) is the thing to sell these days. Hmmm.  Don\'t know -- my NaNo novel might sort of fit that label, might not.

And Chris, sounds like good stuff! This music & writing all comes from the same place.
QuoteI don\'t think I can pull this off by the end of the month.  Of the two fictions I have, one has 18,106 words and the other has 8,847 words.  And the nonfiction has 4,226 words.  My best friend is going to change all the names in it and such, basically to protect me.  LOL!  And that hasn\'t been done yet.  And I\'ve been writing it for almost six months so it wouldn\'t qualify anyway.  I have to do it in stops and starts.  Putting your life out there is not always easy.  Although, I\'m finding if I write about something, it isn\'t in my head so much anymore.  And I let go of some unpleasant thoughts when it goes away a bit.  Does that make any sense?

I do know what you mean about putting yourself on the line. There are some things in all of the fiction pieces I\'ve written so far that I might edit out because of that. Less so as I write more though, as if I\'m getting them out of my system.

It\'s probably too late for this year, but one of the things you should know about NaNoWriMo is that it\'s completely anonymous. You write to prove to yourself that you can, and you "anonymize" your work by letter substitutions before running it through their word count validator. Nobody else need ever read it but you and whoever you show it to, so you don\'t need to worry about name changes as such. On the other hand, if it turns out really good, you might work it up as a sale! A few of the thousands of NaNo novels have actually made it into print.

Nice to know there are other writers here! I figure writing cuts across about as many borders as music does, and they both impact each other too. Not that I\'ve had much published outside of technical (work) stuff, but I can always dream, and work on it, too.  ;D

This makes 2 years in a row that I\'ve completed the 50K words within the 30 day window. Feels really good!  8) Now I need to sit me down and write something saleable.  ::)
Wow, hawkfinger, that\'s ambitious, but I wish you luck! ;D

I managed to keep on my 2000 word per day pace, and finished up this afternoon with 51,600 words. Somehow, the NaNo site thinks it\'s actually 51,716, and who am I to argue with them?  ::)  But I\'m really pleased. I actually finished a semi-coherent story (continuity is awful, but that can be fixed) and did the required word count 5 days ahead of schedule.

May I wish equivalent success to everyone with a writing project on the go! (now, if only I could find somebody to publish this sucker  ;) )