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QuoteGenerous Bot much?
Quotecoolwalking, that\'s a very cool thing to do. Can\'t say enough good things about it.
Quotewhat an awesome gesture.  
Quotecoolwalking, it\'s very possible you\'re one of the coolest people ever.
QuoteCoolwalking, you are an amazing person.

Aah yes, thank you, thank you, my adoring fans. I\'ll be selling autographs at $200 each.
As far as I can see, there\'s no date announced yet. Travis said he\'d post in this thread when there was, and I\'ve read the whole damn long thing, and can\'t find one.

Whoa, are you serious? I mean, that\'s a decent amount of cash and if you found it in your heart to do something as awesome as that I couldn\'t help but not pay you back. Eventually :/
I wouldn\'t feel like it\'s mine otherwise. (And I open doors for people all the time, just to get them to show me some empathy)
It\'s on the way (It has to go from my bank account, then get converted from AUD). Hopefully you\'ll get it in time to get a personalised copy...

I just didn\'t want you to even have to entertain the thought of considering selling your guitar.

Seriously, you don\'t have to pay me back. If you feel like it, you can do something for someone else (buy someone else an album? donate to charity?).


I love that one!


Actually maybe the smarter thing to do would have been to have you fill out the order, then give me the receipt link so I could pay through PayPal. Then we wouldn\'t have to wait for the money to go from my account to yours... *sigh*
Righty-o, I\'ll pay for it for ya. I\'ve got some money I don\'t know what to do with. Do you have paypal?

lol, "Valued Member\' at 3 posts? This board has some low expectations.

And no you don\'t have to pay me back, but if you really feel you have to, just do something nice for someone, it could be as simple as opening a door for someone.

</mushy love-your-neighbour crap>
Do you absolutely want the hand drawn edition? My understanding is that that edition is winding down now, but a non-personalized printed edition will be offered at a cheaper price.  Selling your guitar and amp seems like a pretty big price...
Quotei wonder what number big b is up to and how anal/moronic canadian customs is gonna be
Well the ISOT CDs would look a tad suspicious.. burned CDs with hand-drawn covers...

*goes back to refreshing email, looking for notification that next batch is sent*
Haha, I knew it! A fellow Linux user.
People have no shame?  Of course they don\'t. That\'s like saying "Oh my god, that guy isn\'t ashamed of liking buckethead".  Do you seriously not get the idea that people have differing philosophies?
QuoteSo if you had an idea for some wonderful thing and you told it to me and I patented it... that wouldn\'t be stealing?
Well I would hate that it was patented, because patents seem to just be used to stifle innovation.  But like I said, just because I came up with that idea, doesn\'t mean I own it.  A million people could have previously had that thought, yet somehow I own it?

QuoteThe fact is, you can -pardon my french- pu$$y foot around it all you want
I always thought pussyfoot just meant "tiptoe", "move stealthily" etc.  I\'m not quite sure what "vagina-foot" would mean.

Quotebut the fact of the matter is that it is stealing.
It is not stealing.  The whole problem with stealing is that you\'ve taken something away from someone else.  It\'s gone.  Disappeared.  Vanished.  Missing.  Absent.  Never to be seen again.  They cannot use it anymore.  This is clearly not the case with file sharing.

I have a feeling we are just going to go around in circles here.
Well I\'m sure something like this has already been said, but
Stealing is taking something away from someone else so that they don\'t have it anymore.  So you physically cannot steal information.

I don\'t believe information should be allowed to be owned. Information should belong to all of humanity (and if we ever find aliens, them too :) ).

People have shared music with each other for ages, and no-one ever thought anything of it.  All I was thinking as I lent Appetite for Destruction to my mate James, 7 years ago, is that I wanted him to hear this music.  It\'s only now that the RIAA have started this crusade, that sharing ("pirating", since they\'re trying to compare it to something far worse, I\'m surprised they didn\'t call it "murder") has suddenly become immoral.
I\'m definitely on the pro-sharing side. Most of the reasons have already been said by JSTHERACON, Solar, and bhead51.  I\'m also against the whole concept of  Intellectual Property, for reasons that can mostly be summed up here.

The "it\'s against the law" argument is nothing short of moronic as I see it.  I don\'t see how it\'s possible for someone to let their definition of morality rest solely on the law, which was created by some arbitrary humans.  There is no "universal truth" in the law, it is not always right - the law changes, and laws even conflict across countries.
Check out The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock for some heavy stuff, Colma for some mellow melodic stuff, and The Big Eyeball In The Sky for some nice funky stuff.
I don\'t think he could really give out an address, or Bucket would have a few thousand stalkers on his hands.

I wonder if he reads the boards.