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go to the homepage of this site and click on "Thanatopsis". From there you\'ll be directed to a "music preview" section where you can actually download FREE mp3s, one or two from each "Thanatopsis" records.

My favorite are the self titled album and the latest, I\'m not as in to "Axiom", but it\'s not bad. Anyhow, download the tracks and check them for yourself. (You can also preview/order "Population Override", which is an absolute must for any self respecting Bucket fan.

I would describe the music as progressive, jazz rock fusion kinda deal. Big B with Travis on keys and Remy (I think) on drums.

PS: Also check out "Bermuda Triangle" when yer done soaking up all that other stuff. That\'s a good one.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Buckethead. Your journey will never end my friend.

Here\'s what you need to check out. (You\'ve got a great start, BTW.)

-Population Override
-self titled Thanatopsis
-BOTH Corbra Strike records are great, get the one you don\'t have
-Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock
-Crime Scene Slunk
-A bootleg from any of the 04 shows, Buckethead\'s Giant Robot. great tour and setlists
Wow, that sounds incredible. Can\'t wait to get my hands \'n ears on that wedge.

I know a lot of people have been waiting for a Colma 2, this sounds like it will more than hold them over.

Maybe there\'s an acoustic tour in the works?

a man can dream, can\'t he?
Matt, that is the greatest t-shirt ever.

I waited a full year to get that shirt in my size. They ran out the concert I was at and didn\'t have new sizes until the next tour.

Glad to hear that Trav is working on reprints and possibly new stuff. Hopefully a hat/ballcap, even a beenie of some type. That would be swell.
Yeah, it is different, but that\'s what would be cool about it. Neo-classical Bucket, a special new recipe from KFC!!

Everybody\'s seen that pix of Big B kickin\' it in his room, legs crossed, reading that Malmsteen music book. There\'s def an influence there.

Bucket should "release the fury!"
Anybody familiar with Malmsteen\'s Icarus\' Dream Suite Opus 4?  Epic guitar song.

This track came up on my iPod the other day while I was driving home. I hadn\'t heard it in awhile and as I listened I though, "This would be a great tune for Buckethead to cover." The ending even has that Exorcist-sounding acoustic thing, which is very Buck like.

What do you guys think?

Sup bots, longtime fan here, first time posting on this site. I usually post on the bucketboard, but quite honestly, that site is sometimes frustrating with the edit/delay factor. I\'ve been to this site quite often actually, for info and ordering, I just ever went into the forum section.

Anyways, just wanted to throw around my .02 on Pepper\'s.

Great record, again, by Big B. I agree with Andrea, track #6, "Brewer in the Air" is my fav track on the disc. I dunno, that opening riff just gets me going. Sounds like Friedman era Megadeth, then it totally goes in to kind of a Satch like thing, then back around again.

It is truly a great time to be a Buckethead fan, dude takes care of his people. I too sort of lump Inbred, Kaleid, Elephant Man, Crime Sceen and Pepper\'s into one sort of "era". Due to style, timeframe, production, feel.

The fact that these (excluding Pepper) were tour only cds at first make them special, too, cuz that\'s where I first got my hands on \'em! Man, from fall of 05 until fall of 06, I saw Buck six times and picked up four new cds. Unreal. (And I haven\'t even mentioned
ISOT. that\'s a whole nuter level of insanity.)

As I\'ve said before, I love where Bucket\'s head is at right now. Thx for puttin\' up with my long, and first post. peace