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Playing the Belly Up in CO, which I hope means he\'s playing the Belly Up in Solana Beach again!

I think this indicates that there will be a Spring tour, feau-shore.
Vol 3, track 1!!

Can\'t believe no one has this as a fav. Bucket o funk.

Great disc. "Dinner of Heaven" is one of my fav all time tracks. Beautiful music.
..."men have feelings too, may I share mine, with you?"

                                              --Mr. Van Driessan, from B&B
Wow, great post eggman. (Nice to meet a fellow "family and mortgage" Buckethead fan. Not that I don\'t love you kids.)

I know the feeling that you\'ve gone through, it\'s such a fun time. Discovering a band or artist, hearing it, then listening to it, then bonding to it and getting "sucked in", as my buddy refers to it.

It\'s especially awesome when you start to see just how much music this band or artist has made. It\'s like you can\'t absorb it fast enough.

On a personal note, this happed to me in high school with Rush. I was a full-on metalhead back in the day, in junior high. But I always liked Rush, ya know, Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, stuff I heard on the radio.

Then one day I heard "Subdivisions" on the radio, I bought the "Signals" cassette from The Wherehouse (reallllly showing my age here) and at first, listened to just that track. Then started to listening to that first side ("sides", more age), then the whole album, then BAM!--yer hooked.

Such a great experience when you can go and buy a "new" record from your favorite band every month for a year. Their music really helped me get through some typical teenage stuff and helped me open my mind to lots of different kinds of music.

Years later, same thing happened to me with Big B. A head first dive into release after release, so many great offerings to choose from. Someone new can get into Bucket and be off on a journey for years.

Artists as prolific, talented, unselfish and full of uncompromising integrity as Buckethead are rare indeed, and a gift to all who have the guts to see through and look beyond the mask and bucket.

Thx to you and your story, but most of all, thank you Buckethead. It\'s obvious others feel the same way.

Thx, I\'ll check it out.
Bueller, Bueller, anyone?
I\'m coming up to check out the show on Fri, the 15th of Feb.

Told the wife I\'m taking her to SF for a romantic, Valentine\'s Day weekend retreat.   "oh, look, Buckethead is playing."  he-he

So I already got tickets, but what I\'m needing a little help on is hotels. Can anybody recco somewhere that\'s kinda close to the venue? Doesn\'t have to be walking distance, but that would be nice. A short cab ride is what I\'m thinking.

I\'m semi familiar with downtown SF, but not that well versed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx, MRB
Man, I just wiki\'d that movie "El Topo", it sounds pretty insane. Might have to check that out.

so the line, "he\'s around here somewhere, I know it." is from the english overdubbed version of this movie?
Great thread.

Does anybody know this one?

"He can\'t escape. He\'s somewhere around this area, I know it."

From Cobra Strike II, "Blood Scroll" (which is a crazy, sick track, BTW)

I\'m assuming it\'s from a kung-fu movie or something.

There\'s a lot of great sound bites in that album, actually.

"insert coins to continue"
"hyper drive destroyed, under repair"
Cool Zap, thx for setting me straight.

On the locale and the duds.

From the video, I swear they look like bell bottoms. Navy blue and white, go Buckethead.
Sweet!! Thx for the link, that\'s great.

A lot of newer bots have been dying to see this live, as I think that the GH2 version of "Jordan" was their first taste of Mr. B. I thought it was great too, I\'ve played that song plenty on the game. But I never doubted that he could pull off the solo or was dying to see it or anything.

From what I\'ve read, Buck really stole the show and won over some more new fans. Do my eyes deceive or is he sporting some bell bottom denim, a nice shirt and and  an all-white hat? Fashion statements from Buckethead, a tribute to Mr Brown no doubt, that is cool.

(scuse me for asking, is James Brown from or born in Kentucky? I mean, that\'s a weird place for a show like this.)
Sweet!  Any new Bucket material is good material.

The stuff with Brewer and Brain I\'m sure will be vinatage BH.

The Albert percussion orchestra or whatever will be strange, I\'m sure.

Thx Buckethead!

Too bad I won\'t be seeing you at the HOB this year in the last weekend of Ocotober, like I have the last two years. My kids are bummed that they aren\'t going to Disneyland. next year hopefully.

You guys are right on when comparing Tomb of Bansheebot to the other latest releases, like EMAC, CSS and PG. VERY COOL record!! Thank you again, Mr Buckethead.

Streamlined and flow are words I\'ve seen that totally make sense. With these record it seems that BH has really found his new sound. I know that\'s sounds kinda lame, cuz he\'s always had a sound. But before it was almost like more formula and schtick, than sound. Am I making sense?

These latest offerings are such great guitar instrumental albums. I love how they cover so many areas, and dip and dive around. From the speedy rhythms to the beautiful, "Population Override" type of vibe, I just dig how he\'s been piecing these things together.

"Disecto" is trippy, "I can only carry 50 chickens at a time" flat out rips and has a very distinctive sound. "Stretching Lighthouse" is a beaut, too.

And as always, great song names, a la Buckethead. "Checkerboard Incision" is my fav for that.

I haven\'t listened to Cybord yet and I\'ve only briefly listened to Kevin\'s Noodles. It\'ll be hard to get me out of the tomb, I know that much.

Thx again Big B!
Go to Party City, they have these blow-up guitars that would be perfect. Inexpensive, lightweight and you don\'t care what happens to it, it\'s like 3 bucks.

Happy Hallow\'s Eve!!