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357 has vanished.  his cd\'s must have arrived.
personally, i\'m pleased with insearchofthe

you\'ll have plenty of time to make up your own mind on all this stuff, so have fun!

... and, let us know what you think of inbred mountain and elephant man\'s alarm clock.  
well, bucketfan357, you\'ll have a lot to think of when you make your choices of what to purchase first, etc.  you\'re likely to wind up with all you\'ve mentioned, and more.  bucketheadland is a lot like disneyland.  there are some attractions that you like more than others.  i love all attractions at disneyland, so, i\'m quite lucky.  inbred mountain is definitely a ride at bucketheadland.. inbred mountain is sort of like space mountain, thunder mountain, and it\'s a small world, all wound up in one ride.  

i agree with zimbop.  once EAMC or Inbred go into my player.. i have a hard time getting them back out.  i usually can\'t stand it when a cd begins to start over, but with either of those, i get my habitual urge to take it out.. and, i shrug it off a second later, to hear the whole thing through again.  i\'m not good at pin-pointing what it is i like about a particular bh cd, but that\'s how those two are for me.  


Heheh, just use the "Quote" button  ;)

i tried that earlier & got a bunch of gobble-dee goo.. so, let\'s try again

SAY!  it worked!

That happens to every single Buckethead album, if you ask me.  8)

me too.  orn will find this out as he acquires more cd\'s.

(i haven\'t taken time to figure out how to make your comment that i\'m replying to appear in a little box...)
IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER each play.  sometimes i\'m not sure if i\'ll live through that one, or die of the beauty.  sounds mushy, but it\'s true...
nuff said!

Got my copy of The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock the other day  
I have to say, those that recommended it were spot on, I was blown away by how fantastic it is.  Droid Assembly especially has become one of my favorite songs.
Thanks for the recommendation  
well, there you go.  you learn something new everyday.  so, orn, you can hear NTT if you wish, and for about $4.50 - you can feel better about yourself.  hahah!

i\'m such a geek, that if i give someone a cd, i contribute!  i don\'t want to tell the person that i\'m sharing with go go and contribute... i would only suggest that if they were asking me for copies of stuff... and then i\'d probably still contribute, just to be sure ; )

i had someone ask me for ISOT.. i pretended i couldn\'t speak english

downloading isn\'t the first choice for me either.  thankfully Travis does have some of the out of print material available for download.

as far as obtaining NTT - i\'m not really sure where you\'re being directed to download it from??  i received a copy from a friend.  the actual cd is pretty much impossible to come by, but it you find one, grab it.  

once you start hearing more, you\'ll probably have people offer to send you copies of things that are out of print, and not available for download here.  you can use the artist support section to contribute for the additional recordings.. keeps a clear conscience, and it\'s nice to reward the artist for the material, if you can.... i\'m happy that the option to do that is available here, especially since there is so much out of print, but available, music to be shared.  

elephant man\'s alarm clock is a wonderful cd, whether it\'s the first or last one you hear.

have fun!  

yep.  considering his ability to accomplish so much, track titles would not have been the challenge with regard to the creation of insearchofthe.  i rather like the track 1, track 2, non titles...  i have to admit, that as much as i\'ve acquired and as many times that i\'ve enjoyed hearing it all, i still refer to most compositions as track 4 of "insert cd name here" - although i enjoy that initial reading of the songs that he titles, and the neat image that comes to mind when read, i tend to forget 90% of them, unless reminded.  

maybe \'insearchofhe\' is referring to the rest of us.. not him.  hmmmm?