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QuoteHere is a video I made to a Buckethead song.


I shot the footage in my basement.  It\'s very Silence of the Lambs down there.

this is actually the only one i\'ve watched more than a few seconds of.  the imagery is pretty cool.  i don\'t care for the use of his officially recorded/released music though, which is why i don\'t watch the others that people have made... unless they are covering his music or they\'re using a live recording.

i like it!

Groovy ! That was cool. Nice outfits and the dance moves
were truly splendid, great job.
I hope you make more.

i second that!
QuoteWell, I\'m pretty excited about finishing up my first video.  I\'m still a little batty from staring at the screen for too long...but here it is.


Your art, music, projects and links / Re: WORDS
December 19, 2009, 04:40:35 am
QuoteI like it.

When I do the echoed whisper in my head I creep myself out a little, but it adds to the effect.

hehe, see!?  it\'s all in how you hear the inflection... could come across many ways

glad you survived your sequined stair slip

Your art, music, projects and links / WORDS
December 17, 2009, 03:38:19 pm

Every now and then words pop into my head and I write them down making poetry :)

I like this one - it\'ll mean different things to different people.  If read aloud the parenthesis would be an echoed whisper.

The Knowing

I\'m in love with somebody
I just don\'t know who
((((...yes you do...)))

We\'ll find each other (again) someday
I just don\'t know when
(((...you know...)))


thanks buddies :)

took this the other day

Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse


those are great by Zintar & Wifebot on page 3!!


this is an untouched digi

after Psticks dialed Buckethead into the Roxx club in Feb. i was inspired to do a little Bucket-Darko :)

i\'ll give you my secret :)

it\'s a link that my friend Ingo in Germany sent me.  the catch is.... it\'s in German, so you\'ll need some luck if you don\'t know the language.

for extra fun try putting the pictures you create in photobucket and making a slideshow.  i made some really cool ones but i didn\'t want to link them & i can\'t figure out how to get them to post on here.

although this site was fun, i much more enjoy the more organic approach myself, ZQ.  it\'s cool to really get in there & mess around with photoshop & create your own from scratch.


then click Kreativ-Simulator starten

then choose "Motivmasken zum Download"

and then you see upload a couple of pictures & click > weiter ...

have fun creating!!
Quotep sticks, dan \'brewer\' monti, dave mckean.... and now it looks like ZQ.

Chris DiCicco

don\'t forget Frankenseuss :)

nice job on the haunted mansion pic ZQ.  where is Bucket\'s head?  hehe.
ZQ - i think that you are entitled to be known as the official message board assistant.  you\'re a big help!  thank you!
more buddy art.  a cornbugs farewell.

title:  buckethead, pinchface and bill, look up at the cornbugs with awe..... and wave bye bye in the apron

go for it!  i\'m happy to share with all who\'d like to use \'em.  if i post any more from my buddy, feel free to use those too!!