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QuoteHere\'s the real crime ...
Filing down these sonic shards to nubs!
MP3s sound hollow and thin.  

Sadly, I don\'t have a portable CD player right now (threw mine at a wall... not out of anger, just because it stopped working and I thought it\'d be fun) so I just use my MP3 player for music anyways. A valid point nonetheless.
"copyright is a fact. copyright infringement is illegal.
there is no way to take on that with a philosophical / ethical discourse.
its a crime. period."

Yes, it is a crime. But those of us who don\'t blindly follow what people with authority say and actually think for ourselves can have mature conversations about these things. If anything should be questioned, it should be law. Changed, maybe not. But ALWAYS questioned. I don\'t see how you could actually believe this. Philosophical/ethical discourse is the only way to deduce if these laws are right or not... and I assure you, just because America says it\'s wrong, doesn\'t make it wrong.

Our government is not infallible.
QuoteThat is, bar none, the funniest comment (albeit unintentionally) I\'ve ever read on the internet! I laughed so hard I actually started crying...thank you so much, you really brightened up my day!

Why thank you. I realise they aren\'t all dead now... don\'t blame me on that one, I\'m not a Beatles fan; I wouldn\'t know/give a damn. I\'m sure the ones still alive are rolling in cash, anywho.

My points still stand, however funny you find the Beatles comment. Rolling all downloading into one barrel and calling it "immoral" is stupid, and hating it because it\'s illegal is stupid.

Get your facts right before you run your mouth.

Theres also a diffirence of downloading to hear what someone sounds like, compared to 13 cds. Really if its 2 songs or somthing and it sparks your intrest to buy more great. But downloading 13 cds in one big package isnt "getting a taste". Basicly what you said is pure ignorance.

Yes, there is a difference. However, there is no difference between getting 13 disks you can\'t pay for and getting one disk you can\'t pay for. Nothing of what you blabbered has any relevance to this discussion, at all. What you just said is pure idiocy, obviously born from childlike frustration at the fact that I justified something you\'re blindly against.

Get a brain before you run your mouth.
I\'ve downloaded past albums, but only because they were out of print. I\'m pretty sure that\'s legal. Or so says the .tk board.

Is it still wrong to download a torrent like this if it\'s people who normally wouldn\'t buy it, and it\'s out there for people around the world to listen?

That\'s a damn good point. I discovered Buckethead from my friend who burned me a copy of Giant Robot. I didn\'t pay for that. I got it copy from someone else. OOOOH, I\'M A THEIF!!

Buckethead needs his money. Indeed he does. And he disserves it. But people who can\'t afford the stuff aren\'t evil for downloading his $200 album, not by a long, LONG shot. First, Bucket wouldn\'t get any money either way, and second, it may (and usually does) spark their interest in the artist, causing them to actually buy other albums.

People like to dabble in music, as "JSTHERACON" stated. A lot of people download music so they can actually what the band sounds like before they go out and buy the CD. And then when they really like it, they buy their music and a lot of times buy the album they downloaded as well because they feel bad about it.

Yes, downloading music is against the law and very wrong, especially when done to small artists like Buckethead. It is disgraceful. However, downloading a fucking Beatles album isn\'t morally wrong. They\'re all dead. Downloading a $200 album isn\'t morally wrong either, if you\'re a broke 13 year old kid with shitty parents who wants to hear what the album sounds like.

In short, if you have the money and you donwload this, I would probably want to punch you in the face. But don\'t throw all illegal downloading into one barrel. Just because it\'s illegal doesn\'t mean it\'s wrong... look at gay marriage. That\'s illegal in like 10 states. Why? Who knows.
I ordered "Crime Slunk" and "Peppers Ghost", and went on multiple other forums to tell people to do so as well. I hit up the Guitar Hero board and a few people there seemed very interested indeed.

As you can tell, I love my Buckethead, and I simply cannot wait for either album!!
And it\'s pretty awsome. I was wondering, who\'s the guy on the CD label? You know, with the glasses?
I\'m seriously considering getting one of his albums. But I\'m a little tight for cash right now (AKA completely broke) so I may wait a bit. Which one is his best?
... sing on his CDs? I downloaded the preview files, and they were instrumentals. I was wondering if he actually sung, or if he just wrote the music. I thought I heard somewhere he was a good singer.
Oh man, 13 min guitar solo epics? Jeez... I need it now.

Is it just me or are the rest of you not too sure of what this guy is trying to say either?

"Vol.13 makes Me Mad.

200.00 too

0r 260 is you get the cds separately "
um, what?

"Vol. 13 makes me mad" TRANSLATION: "This 13 disk CD collection is frusterating."

"200.00 too" TRANSLATION: "It\'s $200!"

"Or 260 is you get the cds separately" TRANSLATION: "Or $260 if you buy them separately, instead of all at once."

I wonder if these are audition tapes for everything Bucketheads auditioned for.

madness either way .

Ha ha, that\'d be a treat.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Do it."

Buckethead: "No."

RHCP: "Take off the stupid mask!"

BH: "I don\'t wanna."

RHCP: "How are we supposed to let you in our band if we don\'t even know who you are? You could be... Michael Jackson, or something!"

BH: "B-but... I brought you slaw."

RHCP: "That\'s it, we\'e going with Arik Marshall!!"
QuoteYou will be perfectly safe to order 1 disc a month. Really it was never intended to be a box set but a collection of CD\'s, collect them trade them, so the rug won\'t get pulled out that fast.

This is a really, really cool idea. TRADEABLE BUCKETHEAD CDS. It\'s like Pokemon. But.... more disturbing.

I just went through and read this entire thread because I couldn\'t believe what I was looking at. I need to order at least one of these, to know what it\'s all about. But... I definatly can\'t afford much else. $200 is way too steep for me. I\'m struggling finacially as it is.

Darn you Buckethead! Your shredding will be the end of me.
QuoteYou guys worry too much! I\'m sure everything that you get on these 13 discs will be worth every cent! Seriously, has Buckethead ever failed you or failed to meet your expectations?

Yes. Bucketheadland vol. 2. Mostly weird people talking and not much music. That\'s what I\'m worried about. But I\'m still open-minded, of course. I\'ll wait untill other people get there\'s and see what they think.
I agree. Being mysterious is one thing, but potentially being ripped off is another. $200 is simply too much money to risk something like this, when we have absolutly nothing to base a decision on, except it\'s Buckethead. Of course, we don\'t know if it\'s all original, or if they\'re live recordings, or if it\'s a greatest hits type of thing, or even if it\'s all actual music. I find it hard to believe that, as mighty as he is, Buckethead can pull 13 disks of music out of his bum like this.

I guess we\'ll just have to wait untill the pre-order people get theirs, so they can tell us what they think.