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Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
February 08, 2008, 09:52:16 pm
My bro and I have this joke band.... we have a great time with it. We have two songs up right now and one of them is the best (worse?) guitar solo in the world. More to come, too!

This painting rules. I kind of want to use it as my avatar, cuz it\'s so badass.
General Discussion / Re: favourite quotes
February 19, 2007, 05:15:27 am
"Justice is the only worship.
Love is the only priest.
Ignorance is the only slavery.
Happiness is the only good.
The time to be happy is now,
The place to be happy is here,
The way to be happy is to make others so."

- Robert G. Ingersoll, 1882
General Discussion / Re: On Writing Music
March 08, 2007, 03:12:28 am
I... I know how to read tab very well. I\'ve been playing guitar for a long while and I\'m pretty good. What I was asking was how do you write music? You know, compose a song? Is there a trick, a method? Just a way to start would help me out.
General Discussion / On Writing Music
March 04, 2007, 07:03:12 am
I love music... I listen to alot of it, in all genres. I can\'t seem to get enough. And I can\'t help but wonder if I could write music as well.

I play guitar and have a basic understanding of music theory, but I have no idea where to even start when it comes to actually writing music/melody. I\'ve surfed the web many times and so far no site offers anything even slightly helpful. "Listen to other songs. Learn scales." What?! I\'ve done that.  Not helping.

How do you write music? Is there a good method I can use to get started? I hope other musicians read this, music is very mysterious to me.
God, I\'d love to go to either the spokane or seattle show but nobody I know likes buckethead but me, and I don\'t want to go alone...

Sigh. I need cooler friends.
There\'s so many crazy tracks on ISOT, I want to know everyones top 3 favorites!
But the big bucket finally played the Jordan solo LIVE


Wish the guy could\'ve recorded the whole thing, though....
That\'d be cool if Travis actually sold Bucklethead\'s Toys as well as his albums... I doubt sales would be high enough to keep it going however. I would probably buy an action figure, myself.

Crime Slunk Scene is on it\'s way!

So is Pepper\'s Ghost!


Nice work, Travis. Triple kudos to you and Buckethead.
"Ah, but yes, it is stealing. When you buy a CD, you\'re really not paying for the actual plastic disc, you\'re purchasing a personal copy of the content. The songs are the product, whether they are packaged in a tangible form such as a CD or as an mp3. If there is a set price for ownership of a copy of those songs, and you do not pay it, you\'ve committed an act of theft."

Except the artist loses money by producing thousands of copies of that CD. You are paying him for the CD, as a carrier of the art. If you couldn't buy that CD in the first place, downloading the album hurts nothing. Sixth time I've proven that.
"And intent is really irrelevant. It doesn\'t matter if you weren\'t planning on buying the album. You\'ve still taken something without paying for it."

You haven't taken anything from anyone. You did not take the CD. You downloaded a copy of the music, hurting no one. If you steal the Mona Lisa, it's theft. If you print off a copy of the Mona Lisa from you're computer, it's not. You don't have to pay for the Mona Lisa to enjoy its art.
"Again, for that 13 year old kid who downloads albums because they want the music...sorry, again, no sympathy here."

And the truth doesn't give a rat's ass if you have sympathy or not. The 13 kid hurts nothing and no one, and therefore is doing nothing wrong. Seventh time.

"Instead of looking for instant gratification, how about working to earn what you want? Or do you really think that in the real world, you\'ll just be able to take whatever you please, without repercussions?"

Talk to the people downloading the album. But I don't see why they should save up for gratification later when they could just get gratification now. That 13 year old kid needs his money for other things, and by the time he finally gets the doe, I'm sure they'll be out of print, and then he'd have to get one over E-Bay.

Oh, wait... people don't have the right to sell or share other people's art. So I guess we should make E-Bay illegal too.
Quotejustify it anyway you want but at the end of the day you have someones art and/or intellectual property you didnt pay for given to you by someone who didnt have the right to give it to you.

Wrong yet again. "Intellectual property"? Yeah, sure. You would have a copy of something he created. But, we got it from someone who never had the right to give it to us?

So, when you print out a picture of the Mona Lisa, you\'re stealing from Da Vinci?

When you quote someone\'s speech, you\'re stealing from them?

When you burn your friend a CD, you\'re stealing from the artist?

When you say a joke you heard somewhere else, you\'re stealing that from the person you heard it from?

I guess selling anything over E-Bay should be illegal too. I mean, they don\'t have the right to sell things they own, right? Just like people don\'t have the right to share things they own.

You are a complete moron, and a worthless piece of human trash. Who the fuck do you think you are, making up what rights people have or don\'t have? As I have PROVEN many, many times, not all downloading hurts the artist, and therefore not all downloading is wrong. As long as we aren\'t hurting anything, we have (should have) the right to do whatever the hell we want to do, and if you\'re against it, you are a disgusting, freedom hating bastard. Shut up now.
Quotesolar in no way do i mean this with ill will...
but you are a glistening jewel of colossal ignorance
if you arent(werent) going to buy a CD in the first place and you still download it without paying for it is still theft. The keebler elves want everyone to buy and eat their cookies, myself i eat (and buy) chips ahoy. So using your logic i can go into any store steal me a box of keebler brand cookies eat em and say i wasnt wasnt gonna buy em in the first place. Debate over... you lost  

Wrong. Theft is a bad thing because it hurts people, rips people off and takes money away from people. Downloading a CD you would never pay for in the first place is neither stealing a CD from the artist, nor stealing money from the artist. The artist loses nothing... not a CD because you aren\'t walking in a stealing a physical CD from him, and not any money, because even if you didn\'t download it he wouldn\'t get the money anyway, because you couldn\'t afford it in the first place and therefore could never have bought it.

That\'s, what, the fifth time I\'ve said that?

You lost this debate before you even began. I proved your argument wrong before you even said it. Stop wasting my time.
"When you dl entire CDs from indie artists like Bucket, you really are taking money right out of their pockets. In addition, you\'re also screwing over the rest of us. Just as shoplifting results in higher prices in stores, if the artist loses CD sales to torrent downloads, it will lead to higher prices and less music."

Yes. But if he wouldn't get a sale anyway, BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT, it wouldn't matter. At all.
"There are plenty of places to hear Bucket without ripping off entire CDs: his MySpace, all the YouTube links where he\'s kindly allowed people to tape his shows, his own site, this site, etc."

Congratulations. You know where else you can get his music? By downloading his CDs. And if you wouldn't have bought them anyway, it wouldn't do any harm at all, just as watching Youtube videos do no harm.
"but I can\'t afford it!" So? Life\'s not fair, and we don\'t always get everything we want. That doesn\'t mean you have to resort to theft."

Theft is bad because it hurts people and their sales. Like I've said (what, three times now?) if he wouldn't get a sale anyway, because they can't afford it, it hurts nothing, and therefore is not morally wrong at all.
"Yeah, there are always going to be people who download complete CDs. just realize that you are in fact stealing, and don\'t try to make it into some noble gesture of rebellion. you\'re taking something that does not belong to you without paying for it. dress it up however you wish, but realize you really are negatively affecting the artist."

Pure trash. It's as if you didn't even read my first post. I was never, ever making anything noble of rebellion. The only arguments I've made are "not all illegal downloads are morally wrong" and "following law blindly, just because it\'s law, is stupid." These are still very true. As I've said (four times now) in the situation I proposed, it does not hurt the artist. AT ALL. The broke 13 year old who downloads Bucket's albums because he wants to hear them is not walking into Bucket's house and stealing it. He's getting a copy from someone else, in no way harming the artist. This is an example of an illegal download that isn't wrong.

Also, downloading an album that is out of print is not morally wrong either. The artist isn\'t selling the album anymore, and is thus not making any more money off of it. Downloading the album then hurts no one.

yea those pesky child porn laws should be questioned and we need to rethink this whole drunk driving stuff too, oh yea and lets not forget murder i mean there are so many folks wrongly imprisoned for killing other folks.

Yes. Let\'s question.

Should we legalize murder?

No. People have the right to live.

End of questioning.

Obviously not all law is bad, LIKE I SAID. But that doesn\'t mean all law is good. Blindly following law is absolutely positively one of the most idiotic things one can do. It is pathetic, cowardly, and counter-productive as far as the advancement of society is concerned.