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I admire and have a lot of respect for Seymour Hersh. (It makes me ill to see the Michael Jackson case receive more media coverage than the Abu Ghraib trial). I think he is journalistic integrity personified.
I\'m a big fan of Janeane Garofalo too. She\'s bright, articulate, wears her heart on her sleeve (literally), and funny as hell.
I appreciate the work of Amy Goodman but I can\'t honestly say I have the time to listen to her show. She\'s on Public Access television here as well, but at the strangest hours.

I don\'t think youth should be an excuse to be uninformed. If it is then I think the rest of this country\'s got some \'splaining to do. Like the previous poster said, we should all look at information objectively and come to an informed opinion. It doesn\'t necessarily mean you\'ll walk away as a liberal, conservative, or any other label people like to toss around. It just means you\'ll be informed and are better able to articulate and justify your opinion when you do find one.
General Discussion / Re: Bob Moog
July 28, 2005, 11:08:53 pm
Chris, you\'re welcome. No, I haven\'t seen the documentary but would like to.
General Discussion / Bob Moog
July 15, 2005, 03:28:44 am
It saddens me to learn that Bob Moog was recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. He is currently bed-ridden. Well-wishers may send tributes here, as well as read updates on his condition via his wife\'s blog.

If you think about all the modern music you love, no matter genre, style, or artist, it\'s pretty safe to say Bob Moog is responsible for it in some way. His will be an immeasurable legacy.

General Discussion / Re: NYC - BH, CS, Laswell etc.  
August 26, 2004, 06:13:31 pm
A footnote: Galinsky is the filmmaker, not an artist on Ion.
General Discussion / Re: Ridiculously Excited
April 12, 2004, 02:41:17 pm
Hi, I was at the New York show, also. If anyone\'s interested, here are some photos I took. The night was beyond my imagination.


PS hexitt, Bucket did come back out to jam with Particle. I liked Particle, I thought they were good, though I didn\'t stay through the second set. I left after Bucket finished with them.
General Discussion / credit card charge
March 25, 2004, 01:05:25 am
Hi Travis,

How soon does the credit card charge apply -- when the order is placed or when you ship?

My one memory of Rammellzee was from a guest appearance he made at a Buckethead show a few years ago at the Bowery Ballroom. I had known who he was, but seeing him in person was a different experience. I remember thinking it looked like a junk yard exploded all over him and I wasn\'t sure where my eyes should focus. He came out and introduced the band and joined them during a Praxis song. He hung around off the side of the stage and yelled random things at times. He said, "Show them evolution!" and it would make the band crack up.

Rammellzee was always somebody that confused me but he was a unique character and wonderfully weird. I\'m sorry he\'s gone.
Buckethead and TDRS are exceptions in my music-purchasing habits. I\'ve stopped buying CDs for a number of reasons, mainly because I don\'t want the physical clutter, and because they are not environmentally sustainable either. I also don\'t own a stereo system so the CD itself would never get played. But the reason I buy Buckethead CDs is because I already have an extensive collection and I know that they often seem to run in limited quantities. An album available today may not be a year from now. So even if TDRS implemented an instant-download system, I probably wouldn\'t use it. I like getting stuff in the mail. I also enjoy the anticipation of it, and with unique projects like ISOT, it\'s even better. It\'s total grabbag not knowing what you\'re gonna get. "The suspense is terrible. I hope it\'ll last."

The things you wait for sometimes have a better payoff when you actually get it rather than getting it whenever you want it. Someone once mentioned the same thing to me. It\'s like when you were a kid and The Wizard of Oz would come on TV once a year. Now you can watch it whenever wherever. Sure it\'s convenient but you lose a certain quality to it that made watching it after waiting all that time as fun.
Hello. I have an extra copy of Albino Slug. It has been opened so it is not brand new. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM and I will send it to you. Please don\'t respond if you already own a copy. I\'m sorry but US residents only.
Hello. I have an extra copy of Thanatopsis\' Anatomize. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM and I will send it to you. Please don\'t respond if you already own a copy. I\'m sorry but US residents only.
Hello. I have an extra copy of Slaughterhouse on the Prairie. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM and I will send it to you. Please don\'t respond if you already own a copy. I\'m sorry but US residents only.
Hello. TDRS carries a lot of Buckethead albums, I think most fans would recommend that you buy what you can from here first. Through this site you are directly supporting Buckethead. Not only that, the prices are reasonable, if not outright cheaper than Amazon or HMV Japan (once you figure in the overseas shipping). Shipping is painless and quick, and Travis is always helpful to resolve any issues.

I just learned that DMG is moving this month. I think it\'s the 3rd time in about 5 years. Like TDRS, they are an independent operation. If you can buy from them over a chain or mass retailer, I think they would really appreciate it. There is a close relationship with DMG and John Zorn and his labels, so you can always get Bucketheadland there. It\'s ~$45 which I think is fair. People forget it\'s a double album import. I\'ve bought a lot of stuff from DMG in the past, not through their mail order but I\'ve never heard anybody having problems with it. Bruce who is the owner is good people. They used to have an autographed Colma poster hanging on the ceiling when the store was still at the E. 5th St. location. They lost it when they made the move to Bowery. I feel a bit sad about their move to Monroe St. I think they might lose a lot of foot traffic.
Hello. The character means dragon in Chinese (same as in Japanese kanji, i.e. Chinese characters).
Can\'t say for sure what "yan kàn" is. It isn\'t the way to pronounce "dragon" though.
Hello. I wonder if Travis or anyone can comment on the second half of disc 10 track 3. Is that a sample or original composition? Bucket is channeling some serious Wendy Carlos vibes. It is great.