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QuoteAnother question:

I read the sticky about ISOT and Travis said that it\'s a CDR, not a CD? What\'s that mean? I can still play it and stuff right?

Do you think ISOT is worth getting? 13 CDs for $100 is a really good price I think.

That is an amazing price.  There are a lot of tracks that will somewhat remind you of Population Override.  There are also tracks that will give you an idea about Death Cube K and some of Buckethead\'s other works.  Not all the tracks are as polished as some of his albums, but there is a ton of amazing and interesting music on the sets.  Oh, and the CDR just means they burnt the copy as far as I can tell.  I don\'t think it will make any real difference unless you are a snobby audiophile.  The sound quality is great on them.  BTW, let us know what you get and how you like it.
Chicken Noodles is basically a follow up to population override.  It is a spin-off to one of the songs and is similar but VERY mellow.  If you really like Population Override then you should like it, but like I said it is very mellow, moreso than PO.  Thanotopsis albums are somewhat similar to PO and not as mellow as CN.  You will almost certainly like them if you liked PO.  They are really great albums.  Enter the Chicken is probably Buckethead\'s most commercial album.  It is with Serj Tarkanian (sp?) from System of a Down as well as other artists.  Personally, I would wait to buy it as there are better Buckethead albums.  Funnel Weaver has like 49 really short tracks that are basically different guitar riffs.  Colma is a beautiful, mellow album with a lot of great songs.  It is a great buy and one that you can play for almost anyone and they will like it.  Cuckoo Clocks of Hell and Kaleidoscalp are two of Buckethead\'s heaviest, most shreddingest albums.  It is a toss up to me, but most people would probably recommend CCoH.  If you want some really crazy, ripping guitar, go for one of them.  Monsters and Robots is an amazing album, also with a lot of faster paced songs.  It is a definite buy at some point for anyone who likes Buckethead.  Heaven and Hell and Shin E Light Years are very mellow and don\'t feature Buckethead as prominently as some of the other albums.  Very nice albums, but probably not the ones I would pick if I could only buy one.  Finally, Tunnel is a strange, ambient album.  Again, worth having, but probably not where you want to start.  Anyway, I would say get Chicken Noodles  if you want the follow-up to PO, but be aware that it is even more mellow.  An amazing album, though.  If you want something more rocking, go with Monsters and Robots or if you want something really heavy, get Cuckoo Clocks of Hell.  Oh, and if you want something that you can play for just about anyone, get Colma.  I actually have given copies of Colma, Population Override, Electric Tears, and the Thanatopsis albums to someone that was recovering in the hospital from heart surgery and she loved them.
I think downloading these albums is even worse than doing it with a normal release.  Buckethead is going out of his way to provide this music to his fans.  Plus, I would assume most of the money from the sales actually goes to Buckethead, and not to some huge corporation that publishes the music.  So, by downloading these, you are really taking money from Buckethead, money that he definitely deserves for all the great music he has brought us.  Anyway, I would not download them (unless I was going to buy them anyway at some point) and hope you decide not to.
Count me in for a copy.  If you could do a reprint of Giant Robot NTT as well, that would be nice.  ;)
I just got it (and In Search Of The at the same time!) and have listened to it twice.  It is freakin\' incredible.  Very much in line with the last couple of concert only cds.
#159!  It would have been lower, but I didn\'t check back here after pre-ordering Pepper\'s Ghost (which is amazing, btw).
Thank you Travis.  I will let them know.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I just wanted to let you know that a couple of people have posted on the Bucketboard saying that when they try to register on here the verification code is blank.  I figured they couldn\'t post to let you know, so I would.  Anyway, I hope you are able to relax a little (a lot) after the ISOT craziness.
Quotethere is a project to name em going on at tk. you are welcome to join.

Cool.  I just need a better way to think of them than just Track X from Volume Y.
I know I am.  If there aren\'t any, maybe we should name them.
Quoteunfortunately, using this method I\'ll never get volumes 4, 6, 7, or 13.  crap.

That\'s what birthdays are for.
Wow!  Thanks so much for posting that.  I wish I had mine now.  I can\'t wait to listen to it.
WOW!  I hadn\'t checked the site since I pre-ordered Pepper\'s Ghost, and had no idea this was coming.  I just found out about the set and of course ordered it.  I am a bit overwhelmed with what an amazing thing this is.

Travis, THANK YOU!  

Also, I hope Buckethead knows how much this means to his fans.
I have over 60 (about to easily get into the 70s!  :D  THANKS BUCKETHEAD!) Buckethead albums and have listened to all of them more times than I can possibly remember, and Population Override is probably my favorite of them all.  It isn\'t that I would always listen to PO over any of the others, but I can always listen to it and enjoy it.  Plus, I can listen to it when I want to go to sleep, or when I am awake and energetic;  it never seems wrong to be listening to it.  I don\'t mean to imply that everyone should feel this way, but I think Population Override is a masterpiece.

I am not in the least worried about what the cds will contain.  I am simply excited to get them.  I have gotten so much enjoyment out of Buckethead\'s music that even if this turns out to be 13 blank cds, I will still be way ahead on enjoyment per dollar spent on Buckethead.  Besides, I am sure they won\'t be blank, and I am always interested in hearing his music.  Even if I don\'t end up liking every song, I know I will find them all interesting.  But I am sure there will be a lot to love in 13 cds worth of music.  As if that isn\'t enough, we still have Pepper\'s Ghost to look forward to.  I can\'t believe how lucky I am to love Buckethead\'s music.  I can\'t think of a more prolific artist.  It really is amazing.  Anyway, I am really excited about this and am very thankful that Buckethead would do something coool like this for his fans.  If you are worried about spending the money, then listen to Travis and wait.  I imagine that Buckethead wanted this to be a fun thing and not something to stress about.