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Ordered.  I am very intrigued by this album.  I wonder what it will be like.
The problem for me is that I want something that I won\'t know I want until I hear it, but I know it is like nothing I have already heard.
I don\'t think there is anything wrong with downloading the tribute so long as you are just doing it for personal use.  He puts it up there for free for people to enjoy.
To get away from the slunk theme...Slipdisc\'s Demise.
QuoteSlab of the Slunkatron

Now THAT is an album title.   ;D
I simply don\'t see the harm in people coming up with potential names, silly or otherwise.  No one has to use them.
Buckethead seems to enjoy his music and I would hope that he likes his fans to do the same.  Naming the tracks was just an offshoot of this.  They didn\'t stick anyway and regardless I somehow doubt that Buckethead takes himself so seriously that he is offended by fans having fun in this way.  I just don\'t think it is a big deal and I doubt he does but not knowing him I really can\'t say.  If he tells us he is offended I would change my opinion on the subject.
Awesome!  Ordered!  I had been here a few minutes ago and nothing and now this.  You really keep us on our toes.
QuoteThat is AMAZING Bucketdog.  Love the Mean Joe reference!

Yeah, I got the DCK limited #88 and he wrote Lynn Swann on it.  As a Steelers fan, I was pretty excited about it.  Buckethead also gave out Terrible Towels at a Pittsburgh show I went to and in his tribute video to ODB he is wearing a Steelers jacket.  I think it is pretty conclusive that he is a Steelers fan.

Oh yeah, and I got #72 with a funny little drawing that is reminiscent of the Buckethead head he often draws but isn\'t the same.
Apparently the new linited edition has the track on it.  I got it downloaded thanks to that link on tk.  Thanks.
Really sick.  I wonder if this will ever make it to an album.  I\'d love to get it on my iPod.
He really takes good care of us.  Anybody that doesn\'t have these should jump at this chance.  
ilikeheadcheese, you should get one of the bundles up now.  There is one with two Thanatopsis albums.  They are great deals.
Thanks Travis for making Left Hanging.  It would have been a shame for these songs never to see the light of day as they are incredible.  The album actually feels much more complete than I expected from it being odds and ends.  Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation for making this available.
I got mine today and had no idea they had even shipped!  Listening to it now.   ;D