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I think Bush is one of the most effective U.S. presidents ever. The effect is negative.
Maybe he\'s just trying to protect you from this lady.

Sad that the only time the public finds out about this stuff nowadays is when it\'s captured on video. I bet George Bush would ban cameras if he could.
General Discussion / Re: Looking for a quote origin
January 16, 2007, 05:43:33 am
a Vulgate or Greek Septuagint translation of a bible quote seems like the most likely answer. Popeye was way later.
General Discussion / Re: Binge and Grab
May 16, 2006, 04:46:39 pm
I want a shirt with the image from the first Thanatopsis cd on the front. This image is very intriguing as I can not figure out what exactly the image is and the liner notes offer no clue. It seems to be a photo of a sculpture?
General Discussion / Re: Binge and Grab
April 17, 2006, 06:25:31 am
Why does that site have a link to purchase Thanatopsis shirts at TDRS? Were there ever Thanatopsis shirts available for purchase?
Buckethead Alive 2
Buckethead Comes Alive
Buckethead at Budokan
No Slunk til Hammersmith
I\'m really interested in trying to find one of the decapitated hand gloves
Unfortunately, me and that Phartacus guy might be the only two on this board who aren\'t totally enthralled with Noam Chomsky. That makes me rethink my position ;D
Selling merchandise at Walmart is different from being a university professor. Many poor underprivileged people are political minded enough to boycott places like Walmart yet rich political minded rock stars like Rage Against the machine and System of a Down sell tons of merchandise there. How is that not a being a businessman? People that run torrent sites are exploitative jerks out to make a buck off of creative people\'s hard work. If I downloaded that torrent, I would feel the need to shower after.
I\'m confused by anti-capitalists, political dissidents, and radical leftists who sell merchandise at Walmart.
It's true I have no idea what's in the book excerpt, other than what you alluded to. The conundrum is that since it is copyrighted, I would probably need express written consent from the author to download it for free from a seedy torrent site, even though the passage itself is about downloading. :-/
All of those people are business people. Just because they criticize the government doesn\'t mean they don\'t benefit from the concept of private property rights. I would seriously doubt that Bernie Worrell is against the concept of intellectual property considering that he has spent 30 years fighting for royalties from songs he co-wrote with Parliament. Did you read that interview with him where he states that there will not be another C2B3 record because Les Claypool owes him money? Musicians want to get paid, even the ones who already have millions of dollars from being involved in major motion picture franchises. Most people want credit for their work whether it\'s a 13 cd boxset or a 2nd grade book report.
Bands who are capable of selling a good amount of cds are not going to give up their intellectual property for free. On that Mat guys site, he sells his music and book but doesn\'t give it away. Bob Ostertag is one of the few musicians I know of who offers most of his music for free on his website but he probably never sold too many units anyway and some of his work involves uncredited samples from what I recall. He seems to totally be in line with what you seem to be advocating and makes some credible arguments. I do agree that intellectual property disputes and legal wrangling over sample clearance and whatnot is detrimental to the creative process in many cases, but that doesn\'t really have anything to do with what we are talking about here. I\'ll probably check out that Mat guys book. DJ Spooky\'s book also deals with some of the same subjects like free exchange of information mixed amongst the post-modernism and French literature references.
Have you seen The Corporation? It also deals with corporate domination and the human genome issues that you mention. As for property rights and downloading and idealism and hypocrisy and such, I\'m pretty sure that most of the bands and musicians and label heads you mention in your post are all capitalists. I don\'t know about Mat Callahan though because I\'ve never heard of him. Maybe someone who doesn\'t fear trojans and viruses could cut and paste the parts of those links that have something to do with downloading so I could cure my ignorance within the safe confines of my plastic bubble.
In the past, I\'ve found Norm/Ion to be extremely non-shady when ordering via telephone.